FF03 Scarcity of Money

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Friday Focus #3

Scarcity of Money

Welcome to Friday Focus. As you can see, I’m outside today and there’s a bit of background noise coming from here and there, but don’t worry about that. Earlier this week, I watched a recording, a video, a very long Facebook Live, in fact, by a lady called Dr Sonia Stribling, and she was talking about a scarcity power dime, which was really about money.

And she was talking about the paradigm that people have about all the various different paradigms that people have about the scarcity of money. Now, fortunately, I’ve never had a problem with money, even if I’ve been in debt or whatever. I’ve always known that money is going to come from somewhere, so I’ve never had a feeling of scarcity about money.

However, what I realised I have had is a scarcity of time. I have a paradigm about time. Time. Yes, there’s never enough time to do all the things you need to do. Where this came from, I can investigate later on. Probably from something my parents had said in childhood or whatever.

But I have a problem personally about time. I think time is scarce. I believe time is scarce. I believe there’s never enough time to do all the things I want to do. Now, that’s got very little to do with my age. I’ve always had that paradigm. I’ve always had that issue with time.

Now, there are other things which

some people find they have a scarcity of. Sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s companionship, sometimes it’s time, sometimes it’s money. There’s all sorts of different things. So for the focus over the weekend, for Friday focus, what is your scarcity paradigm? What is the thing or the one thing that you feel you have least of or you don’t have?

Of or it’s not coming to you. We all have these scarcity paradigms and just focus on what is yours and what you can do about it. So that’s Friday focus for today. Have a great weekend and I hope the weather stays like it is now.