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Have you ever been lost? Not knowing where to go, what to do next, or the direction you need to take? Have you ever set out on an enterprise of some kind without a really clear idea of how you’ll achieve the outcome you want?

It could be in any context, personal, community or ‘business’. To make sure you ‘get to where you want to go’, whatever it is, you need a ‘strategy’.

Mostly we hear about this in a military context but it’s getting more common in government and business, although the majority of ordinary business owners don’t really have one.

Yes, they have a vague idea about what they may want from their business and how they might achieve it but only very rarely have it written down (and I don’t mean one of those awful ‘mission statements’) and hardly ever in the form of a usable ‘strategic plan’ used on a daily basis rather than being consigned to a ‘file’.

Your strategic plan for your company, organisation, family or just yourself is a working document at high level backed up by more detailed plans. Whatever you want to make happen you need a strategy.

Of course, not all strategies work. History has thousands of examples, and they tend to fail when they’re ‘cast in stone’ or not supported by the next level plans for each aspect of the enterprise. I’ll talk about these next time.

As a Personal and Business Growth Specialist with 53 years’ experience I can help you structure and develop your Strategy and the plan which supports it. Whether it’s personal, family, community, or business contact me at or book a call at

What Is The Freedom Academy?

Problem Solving and Opportunity Development

The Freedom Academy provides coaching, therapy, and learning. We have lots of resources you can use and will be holding many evets you can attend. Our learning and coaching programmes span three levels: ‘Learning’ (the basics), ‘Development’ (advanced level) and ‘Transformation’ (the ‘graduate’ level). In other words, the ‘what’, the ‘why’, and the ‘how’ of life.

You can join on a ‘one-off’ basis taking one programme at a time, or you can become a member when you’ll get a set of programmes and resources available to you depending on your level. Even when you just register for free you get access to parts of the Academy.

Our mission is to free you from the constraints of the third dimension and introduce you to what you can achieve in the fourth and fifth and beyond. We’d love to have you on board.