Making a Start

Making a Start 150 150 Ben Coker

Making a Start

It’s a ‘New Year’ Where do we start?

Measured by the calendar we use (there are others, and other ‘new years’) this is the beginning of year 2023, and traditionally at this time people talk about ‘new year resolutions’. They  make them and in most cases in a few weeks forget what they were.

What we need to do if we choose to go down this path is something different and more ‘substantial’, if we really want the outcome we’re looking for.

We can of course do this at any time, it doesn’t have to be one of the many ‘new years’ we encounter each year. It could be (my preference) one of the solstices, the winter solstice for example which marks the shortest daylight and the longest darkness. It can be a birthday, or another anniversary.

2023 by the way is an auspicious year – the numbers add up to 7 – so if we ‘get it right’ it’s likely things will turn out as we wish. Here’s what we do . . .