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Are We Measuring the Wrong Things?

And Are We Measuring All We Need?

To paraphrase my friend Peter Thomson ‘every action has a corresponding measurement’, Indeed every action we take should be measured – even to the extent without  measuring it’s not worth taking the action.

You see unless we measure what we do then we have no idea how effective it is in achieving the result we are looking for. But there is an assumption here which is about what exactly it is which needs to be measured as there are many aspects or options in measurement.

As a ‘scientist’ at school and university I was taught to measure everything until the result of the measurement was the same every time, or at least within strict parameters.

Essentially in any operation there are two, or perhaps three, things which can be measured: what is the position before action is taken, the action or activity being carried out, and the result of the action. If we don’t know where we are before the action, how can we evaluate the result, or the action taken?

We take action to change from one state ‘before, to another state ‘after’. This is the whole point of the action or activity so we must be clear on where we are and where we wish to go. Common Sense should tell us this but sometimes it just seems to fail, and it fails when measurement is focussed on the action rather than the result.

It becomes what is known as ‘the numbers game’ – the classic example I’ve heard so many times, being ‘keep making the calls and eventually you’ll get the sales’. So you’re given a target to make say 100 calls a day and you’re measured on the number of calls you make, not the effectiveness of those calls. You might even be advised to ‘go for No’ to attempt to motivate you which is probably the worst thing to do in this situation as your subconscious mind is trained it’s OK to get a stream of negative results, even to avoid positive outcomes!

This very common type of target completely misses the point – the object of the exercise is to get sales (in this case) and it’s often, or usually, made worse by counting unanswered calls in the total to meet the daily target. After all, they all take time, don’t they?

We need to measure but measure properly. Be fully aware of the ‘before’ situation and what it looks like, compared with what we want the ‘after’ situation to look like. But we also need to examine and measure the structure of the activity to determine how we may need to change it to get better results.

This isn’t just about sales and business operations. Importantly it’s about Life. Reasonably straightforward it it’s about our physical fitness, nutrition, health and so forth but more complex when it comes to other matters in the four domains of life. How can we use this model when it comes to learning and understanding? And not just remembering facts and figures as we do at school. How can we use this to deal with complex and simple relationship structures?

What about the everyday things we do and how about applying it to our lifestyle, freedom and happiness? What do we need to measure and how do we need to go about it?

In addition to all this, how do we measure the measuring which is an activity in itself? What parameters are we recording and on what scale? Is time a factor, or place? There are always several variables we may need to measure and there has to be consistency, or at least some consistency across the measurements of the before, during and after situations. All this however is another story.

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