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Reinventing the World – Part 1

The Story So Far – How did we get to where we are now?

From the last two articles you’ll probably have guessed I might be talking about the phenomena of centralisation and decentralisation, and you’ve probably also guessed I’m a proponent of the latter.

Many people are talking of decentralisation as something new. In fact its exactly the opposite, Decentralisation is the way things were for millennia but I’m not proposing we go back to the Middle Ages and beyond.

Back then, and up until now, it has always seemed centralisation, putting things together and creating larger and larger organisations of all types – churches, governments, corporations and the like, was the ‘way forward’. Centralising things has been purported  as a more efficient and effective way of ‘getting things done’ – whatever those things might have been.

Although n the earlier centuries this wasn’t ‘easy’, this way of doing things is still very attractive to those people who wish to control what goes on and as a bonus attain power over others.

A global society (with some exceptions in remote places) has been created as more and more people have bought in to this idea and engaged with these central entities, often in the belief they will provide ‘security’ and ‘peace of mind’ and a measure of freedom from having to make difficult decisions and choices for, or by, themselves.

However, as I’ve discussed in relation to business and government, all is not what it seems. Centralisation isn’t working. Or at least it isn’t working for the vast majority of us. It only really works for the fraction of a percentage of the people – those who are at the centre, or in some cases are the centre themselves.

These people are the ultimate powers in their domain, whether it be a nation or a global corporation. They have put themselves in a position where they can dictate how the other 99.9% live. They do this in the old fashioned way by enforcing their rules and regulations and in the ‘modern’ way by controlling the money.

This control through centralisation of money affects everyone from individuals struggling to pay for the basic essentials to regular ‘small or medium sized’ businesses and to local and even national governments struggling to find the funds to pay for the services they have promised and are obliged to provide.

Food, energy and other essentials are controlled by just a few giant corporate global conglomerates. They dictate the price farmers are paid for what they produce, they control the supply and distribution of fuel to generate energy and they control the supply of other raw materials required for every aspect of production.

Some people talk about a ‘global conspiracy’ – it’s not – it’s just what a few people do. There is no ‘master plan to take over the world’, which in any case has already happened.

What led to centralisation in the first place was no-one realised it was happening. There were no means of mass communication, no way of creating any form of transparency or accountability. Everything depended on the speed of a horse or the strength of the wind for ships at sea. It took a long time and no-one saw it coming. It was sold on the idea of making things easier for the people when in fact it’s purpose was to make things easier to control the people.

Things have changed. Now communication is instantaneous. It’s easy to see what’s going on if we look beyond the mass of misinformation and confusing data available. The problem we have now is there is far too much information and most of it is frivolous or fake. The centralists rely on people not knowing what to believe and keep a sharp lookout for signs of their empires being under threat in any way.

But there are two problems which, whether they be governmental or corporate they have to face. One is of their own making, they are just too big, too big to effectively manage and control themselves, and they’re beginning to show signs of strain. They attempt to resolve this by breaking up into smaller organisations but there’s still a ‘central command’ overseeing all things which sort of defeats the object.

The second problem is what I’ll term ‘erosion’. It’s us – ‘we the people’, chipping away at the edges and ‘decentralising’ bits of the operation, financial, governmental and everything else and next time I’ll explain how this is happening.

Making an Impression – Check out your Language & Behaviour Profile

You’ve heard the expression ‘it only takes a few seconds to make a first impression’ -well most recent research put it at about 7 seconds. How do you know you’re making the ‘right’ impression in such a brief moment?

Now with most people those first 7 seconds aren’t cast in stone, they are likely to change their opinion of you as time goes on but wouldn’t it be a good idea to make sure you do get off to a good start when you meet new people?

Language and Behaviour (LaB) Analysis can do this for you, and it doesn’t take long. A few minutes ‘interview’ with a qualified practitioner will do it and you’ll get a detailed follow up report o how people you meet are likely to form an opinion of you. Once you know this you can adjust how you interact with people.

LaB Analysis was created by Shelle Rose Charvet and is widely used in recruitment and selection. It also has some revealing insights on how we buy and how we react to the sales process, vital knowledge if you are engaged in this activity.

Measuring your Life – How’s it Going?

Learn how to ‘measure’ your life over the four domains of Self, Others, Doing and Having. Measure your progress in achieving whatever you want to Be, Do and Have. Our ‘Four by Forward’ programme is the way.

Check out your Akashic Record

Have you checked out your Akashic Record? There may be something in a previous existence holding you back or inhibiting your progress. You can read them yourself, but you need to know how, and you don’t always get the truth as your conscious mind may interfere. I can do this for you and provide an extensive report together with any measures you may need to take.

Reboot your mind – Set your Intentions for the next 12 months

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VisionPower – your three year vision

Work through the 9-part ‘Vision Power’ programme over a few weeks using the workbook and audio guides to develop your personal vision for the next three years. This is a comprehensive programme and asks you a lot of ‘difficult’ questions. Each part will need careful consideration and shouldn’t be rushed. To help you there’s a short coaching session following each of the nine workbooks.

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