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The Talkers

Outbound ‘Communications’

The next two groups are the ones who talk a lot. They also tend to have an ‘agenda’. They are driven to make a point and are wrapped up in their third dimensional view of the world and personal human existence. They aren’t really interested in humanity in general and have a distorted idea of what humanity really is.

Although similar there are two distinct groups in this selection of folk. One is externally focussed on other people and focus on the particular group or ‘calling’ with which they align themselves.  The other is all about themselves, what they personally wish to get out of life. Unlike the first group they don’t care what others think as long as they do what they want which is always something beneficial to them.

The first of these two groups, the ones who believe they are right and everyone else needs to be convinced of this, are who I call the ‘evangelists’. They have a set of beliefs and won’t be satisfied until everyone else adopts these beliefs and concepts which they, the evangelists, hold are ‘correct’ and everyone else should go along with it. In the last century we saw a whole nation (or the greater part of it) transformed by one man’s beliefs, and as usually happened with this ‘evangelical’ group, it all went horribly wrong.

This particular evangelist was a ‘politician’. Generally, politicians have a ‘cause’, their ‘take’ on the society or culture within which they live. Together with the ‘religious’ evangelists, and unlike the rest of the ‘talkers’, they work with some sort of structured process making use of ‘committees’ and what they like to call ‘democracy’ insisting what they do is for the good of others although it’s really about themselves and the approval they obtain from others agreeing with or ‘supporting’ them.

An offshoot or perhaps precursor, to these types are the ‘revolutionaries’ and the ‘activists’ who argue for ‘change’ from the current status quo in some society or culture but rarely have a clear idea what the changes they require might be, or how they might work. It’s more about doing away with what goes on now and replacing it with whatever their ideas might be. They sometimes team up with the ‘evangelists’ to support some cause, usually later falling out.

Similar to the revolutionaries are the ‘resistance’ who are about ‘putting things right’ which often means resisting change or revisiting a previous status quo.

The last in the “we are right, you are wrong” group are the ‘unbelievers’, the deniers of truth whether it be history, the present, or even the future. They include the ‘politically correct’ and spend a lot of effort pointing the finger and placing the blame. “It’s your fault” for whatever your great, great, great grandfather, or his brother, might possibly have done in the dim and distant past. They are the ones who want to change the language and who are quick to ‘take offence’ on behalf of others who are more often than not, unaware or not offended by whatever it is the unbelievers are on about.

The other group of Talkers are the ones whose prime mover is “what’s in it for me”. First of all are the ones who just talk, who love the sound of their own voice. They never listen to anything else going on, they just promote their opinion, or their story, whatever it is, to anyone else who happens to be in hearing distance, and then enthuse about the wonderful ‘conversation’ they just had. As long as someone is in earshot, they’re happy.

The ’competitors’ are similar but do allow others to talk. They aren’t listening though, they’re thinking about what to say next to ‘outdo’ their perceived opponent in the talking competition. It becomes a debate where the two sides might as well both be speaking to a brick wall. It’s about winning at all costs to feed their ego.

The ‘disruptors’ are on a mission to convince people they are ‘clever’ and their theme is often “if it works, break it”. They spend their effort explaining how something (whatever it might be) could be so much better if it was done their way instead of how it’s operated perfectly well before.

The ‘opportunists’ are different. Their mission is to take advantage of others. To ‘get one over on them’ and like the competitors they want to ‘win’ and they’ll adopt any means to do it. These are the bad salespeople, the scammers and the ‘cowboys’ who will say anything to ‘make that sale’. They have no concern about misleading people for their own advantage, for a ‘quick buck’, whether their ‘customer’ wants or needs whatever it might be or not.

Finally, the ‘fearful’ are somewhat different and may not really talk much. They’re in here because they think of themselves first. Their motive is self-protection. They are terrified of anyone or anything they see as ‘different’ and perceive it as a threat and ‘sell’ this message to others. Their motto is ‘shoot first, ask questions afterwards’ – metaphorically or in practice. “Take them out before they take you out” is their rule of life and they can be quite dangerous, on a personal, local, national or cultural basis.

So far everyone I’ve described live entirely in a three dimensional level. Apart from occasional references to some form of ‘higher power’ which (or who) is also, as they see it, a three dimensionally based entity. It’s all about ‘things’ next time I’ll talk about what happens when fifth dimensional awareness gets involved.

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