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Saving the Planet

It’s not the Planet we need to Save

After a recent international conference ‘world leaders’ were castigated for not ‘doing’ enough to ‘save the planet’. This is the pinnacle of arrogance believing it is even possible for the so called ‘human race’ to do anything even slightly significant to affect the evolution of a planet – any planet, other than blow it to pieces, through their meagre third dimensional mechanical efforts.

Everything is energy, all we can do is transform it from one manifestation to another. The planet is an energetic ecosystem locked in its own cycle of transformation which is way beyond anything humans can do. Since its formation it has been cooling and heating over billions, or trillions, of journeys around the gaseous sphere which sustains it.

This sphere of energy, the Sun we call it, is the only entity other than the universe itself which can affect the cycle of energetic manifestation which forms the planet we call Earth. We have been in a state of ‘global warming’ since the end of the last Ice Age when the planet was at its most recent coolest state and it has been ‘warming up again’, although not is a straight line, ever since. (Nothing, but nothing, happens in a straight line although most people seem to believe it does – it’s the nature of energy).

The temperature of the planet will continue to increase by ups and downs and warm up possibly to a stage when it no longer supports ‘life’ as we know it. It will reach a high point and then start to cool down again. Different life forms will emerge and it may be they will be able to support the infinite entities which are our collective Soul, but we won’t be picking up where we left off.

There is nothing we can do about it. We’re not in a position to ‘save the planet’. The physical beings we inhabit just don’t have the capability to stop the inevitable. In any case the planet doesn’t need saving, it can look after itself. What we as humans can do is to look at how we can save ourselves by adapting to a warmer (or colder in some places) environment, with changes in the climatic patterns we’ve become used to, and the evolution of various life forms which co-exist with us.

There’s much talk of the human race ‘causing’ the warming by what they do and how they use the planet’s resources. Certainly ‘we’ have had a tiny, insignificant effect and our efforts to slow the warming will be similarly insignificant in terms of the ‘big picture’ I’ve described.

The effects the planet has on itself have far greater responsibility for the climate. Volcanos and earthquakes, on the surface and underwater have far greater effect in a few days that humans can achieve in decades. The planet is restless, practically every day there is an event of this type as the plates of rock which make up the surface move around. Depending on when and where these events take place it results in both warming up and cooling down with the general trend for the overall temperature of the planet to increase – which until it reaches a tipping point of some kind and reverses the trend, is what it is supposed to do. Indeed, even one of the ‘super-volcanos’ like the one in Yellowstone in North America ‘going off’ could reverse the process in a few days – but we would probably all be ‘dead’.

It’s not just ‘us’; all life forms are affected. We continue to note some are disappearing, becoming ‘extinct’, as the environment becomes impossible for them. But what’s not often noted are the new species being discovered in different environments. For some reason the idea these are really new and haven’t been here all along and not noticed isn’t mentioned. Somehow, we can’t cope with the concept new species are evolving and adapting to a new environment. It’s a taboo subject as it implies we would need to evolve into ‘something else’ as well.

When the dinosaurs were wiped out by global changes new species evolved to take their place eventually providing a habitat suitable to accommodate the (alien) infinite spiritual beings who are ‘us’.

The ‘human race’, human beings, will die out. Our infinite spiritual part will find somewhere else to go, as we have before when we came here; somewhere else to sustain our three dimensional ‘life experience’ – a new ‘theme park’ to build our knowledge and understanding of the universe of which we are of course an integral part.

Attempting to keep everything (more or less) ‘the same’ is a fool’s errand, a denial of our true nature and a complete misunderstanding of the truth, energy can neither be created or destroyed, everything is energy and energy is infinite. We have to get used to the idea whatever we as humans do or don’t do, the planet is warming up, our corporeal hosts will no longer be viable and we – our Soul – will move on. This is our destiny – why try to stop it?

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