Know What?

Know What? 150 150 Ben Coker

Know What?

It doesn’t matter – pick any topic – you do know about something!

Then again . . .

Maybe you just think you know or perhaps you’d like to know.

Alternatively . . .

Maybe you know people who don’t think they need to know or even positively decline to know and refuse to listen.

Perhaps you’re aware of people who attempt to prevent others from knowing because they don’t believe others ‘need to know’ or they just want to keep their knowledge secret.

And then there are those who insist that others must discard what they knew before, and take on board what they know.

But what if . . .

There was knowledge out there that could totally change your life for the better or transform you into a completely different person?

Would you –

Strive to discover it?

Assume you know it already?

​Decline to explore it because –

*  you think you won’t like it?

*  you think it might ‘change’ you?

*  you just don’t have the time?

*  you ‘don’t need to know’?

*  you can’t be bothered with more information?

And if you did discover this knowledge (whatever it might be) would you –

*  Shout it out to the world by posting it all over social media?

*  Share it quietly with some selected people in your ‘inner circle’?

*  Keep it to yourself because you think it might give you an ‘advantage’?

*  Attempt to ‘convert’ everyone you can find to this way of thinking?

*  Use it to help others who’ve not gained this knowledge?

*  Just do nothing?

I think I know quite a lot (probably just a function of age!) but I do know there’s much more that I don’t know.

If you want to ‘know’ just do this:

Ask – Listen

I’m off to ask more questions and listen to the answers