How’s Your Earth-Suit?

How’s Your Earth-Suit? 150 150 Ben Coker

How’s Your Earth-Suit?

There’s a continuing theme in many Science Fiction books and movies about aliens who, when exploring (or invading) other worlds, wear, not a protective ‘space suit’, but some sort of functional ‘bio-suit’.

Usually, as in the movie ‘Independence Day’, this is depicted as an external bio-body inside which is another, rather different looking physical entity.

Sometimes authors have depicted the inhabitant of the bio-suit as a non-corporeal being. This idea appears in ‘Star Trek’ a few times but was more often described by earlier SF writers.

Taking this one step further, authors have depicted a non-corporeal entity inhabiting a human body, and frequently, energy based ‘entities’ or aliens ‘taking over’ humans to obtain physical form.

In one of the ‘Stargate SG1’ series episodes, one of the key players, Dr. Daniel Jackson, dies and as he does so an amorphous light energy entity leaves his body and ‘ascends’.

It reappears in the form of Daniel Jackson in a scene in an American style ‘Diner’ reminiscent of Douglas Adams’ ‘Restaurant at the End of the Universe’.

It seems that these ideas, when safely contained within the Science Fiction genre, are acceptable and quite ‘OK’ as a concept.

The idea also appears in the Bible. The Christian belief is that this actually happened to Jesus of Nazareth but this is strongly contested by other religions whose beliefs are based on the same sources. Islam has a different interpretation, but still sees Jesus Son of Mary as their most important religious figure after Mohammed.

But the thing is – that outside the SF and religious context anyone who promotes the idea that human beings might just all be non-corporeal beings or ‘aliens’ wearing a multifunctional ‘Earth-Suit’ is considered to be at least ‘crazy’ if not a dangerous lunatic.

And some people can’t accept the Christian fundamental belief that Jesus ‘ascended’ – and this even includes some ‘Christians’.

Remember – this is a belief, not a fact. There’s no ‘proof’. The belief is based on faith.

But what if it were true?

What if, inside you and I, and everyone else, there is a non-corporeal, energy based, living entity using an ‘earth-suit’ to enable a physical presence on the planet.

Some, or even most, people will immediately dismiss such an idea as pure nonsense and refuse to take any further part in the discussion – but more about that another time.

But you and I, being open minded, will go along with this ‘what if . . .’ scenario.

Because there is some merit to it.

We know that the Universe is made up entirely of energy. All substance, all matter, consists of molecules and atoms which now appear to be simply ‘formations’ of energy.

And that includes us, you and I.

We’re just formations of energy.

So there’s no reason why we couldn’t be composed of a conscious energetic entity using a formation of energy around it to create a physical form – or body.

You and I talk about ‘soul’, about ‘heart’ and about ‘mind’. But these have no physical form.

If a human body is dissected there’s no ‘soul’ there. The ‘mind’ cannot be cut out of the brain, and the ‘heart’ or ‘spirit’ which binds all our feelings together is not the organ that pumps blood around the body.

Physically none of these ‘things’ exist – but they are there, aren’t they?

No-one really knows what happens when our physical body breaks down and ‘dies’.

What happens to the soul, the mind and all those feelings?

Where do they go?

I don’t subscribe to the idea that they just ‘stop’ as some people believe. What do you think?

In most cultures and religions there is a strong concept of an ‘afterlife’, whether that be going to ‘heaven’ (in all its various forms) or simply ‘joining the ancestors’.

But the thing is

Why do our earth-suits break down? Why do you and I die?

Surely if we are powerful energetic entities inhabiting these suits then we’d ‘live’ longer – or why not forever?

But maybe that isn’t our life-cycle.

Perhaps we are similar to the insects and other ‘lower’ forms of life’ that adopt different forms during their life-cycle. Perhaps we also ‘move on’ when the time is right for us all to ‘ascend’ to a higher level.

I’ve seen a number of dead bodies in my time and the one thing that struck me about all of them was that something was ‘missing’, something had ‘gone’ from them. Perhaps those bodies of family members were just their empty suits.

Which means of course that those souls, minds and spirits are still ‘out there’, somewhere.

But in the meantime

What you and I don’t know is when we will be ‘ready’ to ascend.

Perhaps we need to make sure that we look after our earth suits to make sure they don’t ‘break down’ on us before ‘we’ are ready to go.

I’m off to check out my life support system.

How about you?