“Life Happens”

“Life Happens” 150 150 Ben Coker

“Life Happens”

I’ve hear that phrase a few times this week.

But I don’t buy it.

Everything happens for a reason.

And everything happens when it happens for a reason.

And then there’s that ‘Work Life Balance’ thing.

Now, I’ve never actually met anyone who wasn’t actually living while they were ‘at work’.

Well apart from the ‘working dead’ – you know, those people who hate their job, can’t wait for the time when they’re ‘allowed out’ and are usually thinking about something else while they’re supposedly ‘working’. I’ve met quite a few of them in my time!

But even they were still breathing – although sometimes it might not have seemed like it!

The thing is that ‘life’ is what you make it, or more to the point, what you think it.

Because whatever you think, in one way or another, happens, at some time or another, and often in a way that we didn’t expect.

Something ‘happened’ to me yesterday, as I was driving home one of the bolts securing the engine sheared off – so I can’t use the car for a couple of days while it gets fixed.

Which meant that I couldn’t do what I’d planned today and may need to change my plans for tomorrow.

I know that happened when it did for a reason – even though I haven’t figured out what the reason is yet.

You see, you and I need to be very careful what we think about and how we think it.

Somewhere along the way my subconscious had picked up maybe that I needed to be at home today, or I actually wanted to do something other than my plan and, as it always does, transmitted whatever it was to the higher power that causes things to happen – or not happen – or happen in an unexpected way or at a different time.

That’s how life works – and the ‘higher power’ can be whatever you choose to call it, even ‘humanity’ if you don’t subscribe to any form of religion.

Because even those who don’t have faith in God do have faith in Humanity.

If you’d like a more detailed explanation of this study books by Wallace Wattles, Price Pritchard and Raymond Holliwell. Listen to people like Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey and many other inspirational (not ‘motivational’) speakers, or your Pastor. Imam, or other religious teacher.

You may have heard the phrase “God works in mysterious ways” – same concept.

So ‘life’ doesn’t just happen.

The thing is that our conscious minds crave order, structure and understanding.

You and I spend a lot of time figuring out how things work, we’re not easily satisfied with just what they do – we come up with questions; “how do they do that?” and “how does that work?”

In truth, it doesn’t really matter whether or not you and I know how ‘life’ works – it just works.

And we don’t need to label, classify or compartmentalize everything. Life is life as a whole. Life is continuous – it ‘happens’ all the time in everything we do.

We don’t put things on hold because ‘life happens’, we put them on hold because we choose to, one way or another, and whether we know we are or not.

And we don’t need a ‘work-life’ balance; life is happening all the time, it’s just a case of organizing it better, ‘working’ at the things we like to do and not allowing others to influence or guide us into doing @work’ or having a ‘job’ that isn’t compatible with our own way of thinking.

You and I need to remember that everything in our life is actually controlled by ourselves at a conscious or subconscious level. It may be brought into effect by a higher power but that only does what we ask it to do.

‘Life’ doesn’t ‘happen’ to you and I. Our lives and everything that goes on in them is controlled by our thoughts. And that includes illnesses, ‘accidents’ and everything else ‘bad’ that goes on.

That may sound harsh, but you and I also need to remember in this context that we can only control our lives, we can’t control anyone else’s, except possibly by physical force, which of course doesn’t work in anything other than the very short term.

Our thoughts, our own thoughts, cannot be controlled by anyone else. They can be influenced and they can be guided, but the bottom line is that you and I have control of our lives.

You see, you and I need to be very careful what we think, we need to notice what we’re thinking and relate what ‘happens’ to what we’ve been thinking about.

You and I need to remember that the subconscious and the higher power don’t understand or recognise ‘negatives’ including those words we might think are positive but are actually negative (more on that another time).

What ‘happened to’ you today?

Think about if – what thought caused that event?

It will be there somewhere!

Take care of your thoughts, notice what you’re thinking and notice the results.

Live is just one event.

Have a great one.