Switched On?

Switched On? 150 150 Ben Coker

Switched On?

Are you switched on?

Are you connected?

How’s your ‘energy bill’?

That is, your ‘personal’ energy bill – the amount of physical and mental energy you need to be able to do all the things that you do.

Many people, including you and I, find from time to time that they start to ‘run out’ of energy towards the end of the day.

Or worse, wake up in the morning feeling already short of ‘get up and go’.

There’s a lot of talk, and rightly so, about saving energy, but that’s not about personal internal energy it’s about conserving the physical resources required to generate the power that creates the ‘energy’ we use in our daily lives for heating, lighting, cooking, running electrical appliances and so on.

Both on a domestic and industrial scale.

Do you know about a surprising contributor to energy wastage?

I’ve worked with businesses and organisations who were in the habit of turning the power off when the building wasn’t being ‘used’.

So it would cool down and have to be heated up again later.

Similarly switching off electrical equipment which also cools down and has to be fired up again later.

(And this has the added effect of inducing metal fatigue in the printed circuits so that they fail sooner.)

Sometimes people in the habit of constantly switching stuff off and on wondered why their energy bills were so high.

You see, it requires less energy in the long run to maintain something at a constant temperature than to keep ‘warming it up’ over and over again.

Are you using more personal energy than you need to?

The thing is that you and I consume less personal energy when we stay ‘connected’ to our personal power supply – when we stay connected to the ‘higher power’ within us that I talked about a few weeks ago.

But you and I also need to remain ‘switched on’ or in other words constantly aware of our powers.

You and I need to be able to exploit those powers, through that connection, in every situation we encounter.

Because if we’re ‘switched off’ then it does take time for us to ‘warm up’ to that connection in order to make use of the extensive powers that we all enjoy.

And when we sleep, which the body we inhabit and the corporeal parts of the mind that we draw on require us to do, so that they can recharge or ‘top up’ our ‘energy supply’- our battery if you like, you and I still need to stay connected.

Even if it’s only in ‘standby mode’, the power still needs to be ‘on’.

So that when ‘things go bump in the night’ or we are taken by surprise in any other way, we are able to respond, rather than just react.

And yes, you and I still need to ‘chill out’ from time to time by changing what we do and where we do it.

But when we are ‘on holiday’ we need to stay connected and keep the power ‘on’.

Sure, we can adjust the ‘volume’ or the ‘thermostat’ and we can even tune in to different ‘channels’ of our awareness from time to time.

Sometimes being creative, sometimes productive, sometimes focusing of relationships or wellness.

It’s not about the intensity of the connection or the ‘frequency’ in terms of what we’re thinking about.

The key is that the connection to our internal and ‘external’ or higher powers is always and continuously ‘switched on’.

So if you’re not right now . . .

Tune in and turn on.

And stay that way.