Sickness and Diseases

Sickness and Diseases 150 150 Ben Coker

Sickness and Diseases

“Sickness and diseases pull you down, pull you down”

So wrote Dave Swarbrick and Richard Thompson in the Fairport Convention song of the same name.

There’s been a lot of it about recently, and I suppose that there is all the time. But there are some times of the year and some occasions when it seems that more people get ‘ill’.

I remember when I was young that my Dad was always, or more often that not, ill in bed over the midwinter ‘holiday’ season and it seems a lot of people are the same.

When the ‘work pressure’ comes off for a brief period it has been suggested that the body or the subconscious decides that it’s time for a rest; it’s time to ‘stop’.

This seems to lower the defences and allow bacteria or those strands of RNA called viruses to invade, or if they are inside already to spark into action and cause the havoc that they do so well (for their point of view – if they had one).

Because the normal ‘balance’ of activity has changed, because the ‘routine’ has changed, you and I become susceptible to dis-ease and allow ‘illness’ to creep in.

Not consciously of course although there is evidence that some people psychologically attract illness because that’s the state in which they feel ‘comfortable’.

Hypochondriacs are always looking for something that’s ‘wrong’ with them and they aren’t ‘happy’ unless they have something to complain about.

This will usually result from a belief pattern that has developed from childhood. The idea that you can skip school by being ‘ill’ which then develops into the ‘sick note’ culture of work avoidance.

In that mindset being ‘ill’ is good because it enables the avoidance of something else. Trouble is that it can get out of hand.

There are also people that ‘like’ to be ‘ill’ in some way because then other people will look after them, take care of them and probably do stuff that they don’t want to do themselves.

But for you and I and for most people illness is ‘bad’ or at best a nuisance as it distracts us from what we want to do, and often actually prevents us from doing things.

Sickness and diseases do ‘pull you down’, but why? Everything happens for a reason so what is the reason that you and I sometimes get sick?

Those of a religious nature would ask why does God allow these things to happen, so many people to become ill, so many people to die prematurely from illnesses?

And as an aside is not age itself an illness? There are several scientific papers espousing that theory.

If as some scientists are now coming to understand, the whole universe is just made up of pure energy expressing itself in different forms, why do these dis-ease anomalies occur?

Some religions would say that it is a form of retribution or punishment for something we have done or sometimes something that we intend to do, and to my mind there may be some truth in this, although not expressed in that way.

You see, it’s more of a balancing mechanism.

To remain ‘well’ our energy has to be in balance, in equilibrium with the energy of everything around us and if we do something, or plan to do something, that will upset that equilibrium, then we can become ill.

What I have found, and something that many others have commented on, is that being ill, being out of the normal routine, being ‘laid up’, gives you time to think. To think about what you are doing, what you have done, and any changes you plan to make.

Yes, it can be painful but making mistakes, really important big mistakes, is also painful and the healing process that takes place during and after illness gives us pause for thought about how we are directing our lives.

But what about those illnesses that don’t heal, that persist and grow, or those illnesses that cause a rapid termination of life?

The truth, although most people don’t believe it, is that any dis-ease can be healed by the correct direction of spiritual energy at the correct time, and in the same way immunities can also be put in place.

But of course, it does require an awareness that this is possible and the belief that it is true.

But ‘science’ cannot find a way of proving this so sadly the medical profession in most instances dismiss it as, at best ‘nonsense’ or at worst ‘witchcraft’, thus labelling natural spiritual healing as ‘bad’.

‘Natural remedies’ are similarly treated. The pharmaceutical industry makes vast amounts of money extracting what hey believe are the ‘active’ components of natural remedies and refining them into drugs – not realizing that natural remedies wok holistically!

Then there’s the power of the mind. I know personally and have heard about many people given a few months to live by doctors who could do nothing for them who have completely resolved the ‘terminal’ condition they were supposed to be in.

Just by ‘deciding’ – deciding, or becoming aware of, their purpose.

And there are others who, although they have not entirely resolved their condition but are still alive and active long after the doctors prophesied their imminent death – Stephen Hawking springs to mind.

Sickness and diseases are part of the natural order of things.

They are part of the process of our personal evolution, they force us to stop and re-evaluate what we’ve done, what we’re doing and what we plan to do.

So here’s the thing – to avoid becoming ill too often, you and I need to do just that, on a regular basis. Add ‘why?’ to each of these and we’ll soon develop a good level of immunity – unless we get it horribly wrong.

Illness is a sign, a sign that we’re not in balance with ourselves or with the energy of the universe.

That we’ve made an error of judgment, made a wrong decision, are on the ‘wrong’ path or are planning something contrary to our purpose.

It’s usually a pretty clear ‘Stop’ sign!

Learn how to manage the energy in you and around you. Find a spiritual healer who can help you with that. Use hygiene and conventional medicine as well, that can deal quite well with some of the ‘mechanics’, but don’t assume that they know everything.

Stay well.