Energy Bills

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Energy Bills

Don’t worry – I’m not going to start talking about my favourite multi utility company!

This is about an entirely different kind of ‘energy’.

Except of course that everything is energy, but I’ll come back to that.

“I don’t have the energy” – “I feel really energetic”

“I just feel drained” – “I’m ready for anything”

Phrases that you and I use from time to time according to our ‘mood’ are indicative that we are aware of our own ‘energy’, and it’s the same with everyone else.

But not many people know what this really means or how our ‘energy’ works.

Most people believe that ‘energy’ has to do with fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, health and so on but in fact it’s much more than that.

Our ‘energy’ doesn’t come from what we eat, what exercise we do, or from any other tangible source. These things only help us to sustain our energy.

Our energy comes from ‘outside’ – it flows into and through us – and moves into whatever you and I are ‘doing’ at any time, whether that is something physical or something that requires us to exercise our mind.

You see, the truth is that everything consists of energy, and only energy.

Every atom in the Universe is made up of smaller particles, and these are made up of still smaller particles – all of it held together by energy.

Quantum mechanics and metaphysics and other deep scientific disciplines are now coming to demonstrate that all of these smaller and smaller ‘particles’ are just expressions of energy.

Everything, you and I, our homes, our technology, all our ‘stuff’ and everything on the planet we live on including the planet itself and the solar system, is just energy expressing itself in particular ways – as different dynamics and arrangements of particles.

But the thing is that there are two types of energy.

There is particulate energy that makes up all the ‘stuff’ and there is pure energy.

Pure energy can take different forms, but really, only when you and I use it or interact with it.

You and I have heard of and talk about positive and negative energy, and then there’s physical energy, mental energy and spiritual energy.

Different ways of the energy that makes up the Universe, expressing itself.

Pure energy flows in streams. It flows into us and through us according to what we are thinking and what we are doing.

But like a stream of water there are many things we can do with it.

We can consume it and convert it into activity of some sort which then transfers the energy according to whatever we are doing physically or mentally, into, or onto, something or someone else, thus maintaining the flow.

But we can also pollute the energy.

Pure energy in its native ‘form’ is essentially positive and good; but people can, sometimes deliberately and sometimes inadvertently, convert it into negative energy, or in extreme cases ‘dark’ energy.

You see, most people aren’t aware of these energetic flows, they aren’t aware of their position or status within the Universe. They aren’t aware that they, themselves, are energy.

Instead they believe that they are ‘in control’. They believe that their energy is generated by themselves, and they use it for whatever means they think fit.

As particulate energy beings, you and I are in a state of symbiosis with pure Universal energy; which means that the one cannot fully control the other, either way.

Symbiosis means living together for mutual benefit, so a balance should be maintained, and normally it is, except when things go out of balance, accounting for the presence of evil and hostility.

Why this happens is a different story but what you and I should be doing at all times is maintaining the ‘balance’ between our particulate energy and the pure energy flowing through us.

(And I’ll discuss where the pure energy comes from and how it arrives, another time)

The trick is to manage our energy flow in the best way.

Visualise the energy stream flowing through you. It gives you the impetus, intuition and strength to do what you are doing (or thinking) at any particular time.

Imagine you come into conflict or competition with another person – in ‘opposition’ to what you are doing or plan to do. What happens to the energy streams?

They collide, clash, or cross and as a result are disrupted, and just like two cars colliding this will cause damage, sometimes destroying that energy flow, dissipating it back to Source.

What happens instead if you decide to co-operate with someone, to eliminate any conflict and work towards similar objectives or outcomes?

When you work as a ‘team’ in this way the energy streams proceed alongside each other, helping you all towards the place where you want to go.

But in a ‘team’ not all of each individual’s energy is directed towards the team goal, or it’s only directed there for a short time, and so the total energy available from all the ‘players’ is diluted to some extent as people work on or think about other things.

But what happens when you form a partnership, a full connection with another person? (It’s usually 1 to 1, but can be a small group).

What happens then is that the energy streams join together and become stronger. When people are ‘in synch’ this is very powerful as the joint objective can be achieved much more easily

This doesn’t need to be a permanent connection – it depends on the goal.

But if you and I don’t manage our energy and maintain a balance, then there is a price to pay – an ‘energy bill’ as it becomes more difficult to ‘draw down’ on your ‘energy account’ even though unlimited energy is always available.

To make best use of your energy, let it flow, don’t mess it up, and always do your best to co-operate or connect with others rather than getting into conflicts.

And to help, you and I actually have a ‘smart meter’ installed. Our feelings and our ‘mood’ will always tell us when our energy is out of balance.

Watch your ‘energy meter’, notice when you feel ‘drained’ or depressed about something, or anxious, or just lethargic. This means you need to boost your energy flow either by restricting the energy going out or by drawing more in, and one way of doing that is by managing the way you interface with the other particulate energy beings around you.

Energy is everything – everything is energy.