The Answer

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The Answer

There’s a recent book by Allan and Barbara Pease called “The Answer – How to take charge of your life and become the person you want to be”.

Now this is interesting because what they say is exactly the same as what I’ve been talking about for some time.

But there are two schools of thought on this:

The scientific school, and the spiritual school.

The methods and techniques proposed by each group are exactly the same – what differs are just two aspects – the how it works and the why it happens.

The scientists, as represented in ‘The Answer’ tend to deny any form of extra terrestrial involvement; no Universal energy, no Spirit, no ‘God’.

No external influence whatsoever.

It’s all done by the brain.


The human mind is responsible for everything; everything we do individually and everything we do collectively.

And why you and I do things is as a result of external or internal stimuli.

My friend Steve Neale explains this very well in his weekly newsletter Monday Motivation this week.

But I don’t believe that’s the whole story – I sit with the spiritual school on this.

After all, where did we come from, where did the planet we stand on come from, where do our spontaneous thoughts and ideas come from?

Why do several people around the globe get the same idea at the same time? You know, when you discover that someone else has implemented a really good idea that you had a few months ago but ‘haven’t got round to’.

In ‘The Answer’ it’s all explained by reference to the Reticular Activation System (or as they call it on their audio ‘the RAZ’), which is a small, specific area in the brain.

It’s the bit of the brain that helps you to ‘see things’ such as when you decide to buy a new type of car, you suddenly start noticing that car ‘everywhere’ when you hadn’t noticed it before.

The RAS does that.

But, and here’s the thing, it helps with our goals as well.

It’s a strange thing but when you or I make a commitment, a decision, to go for a particular goal we start ‘seeing things’.

We start to recognise circumstances, opportunities and resources – which were ‘there’ all the time – that we hadn’t ‘seen’ before.

It was all there in front of us, but we didn’t notice it.

According to the scientific school the RAS does that, and yes, it is involved because in the spiritual school the RAS is the channel that you and I use to interface with the ‘higher power’ – whatever we want to call it.

However powerful our brains might be, and they are far more powerful that we know or admit, I can’t reconcile with the idea that they are responsible for everything.

Unless –

The brain, through the RAS, is connected with universal energy and thought – the 5th and 7th dimensions I spoke of a couple of weeks ago.

But it doesn’t really matter how it all works or why it all works. It doesn’t matter if you are a ’scientist’ or a ‘spiritualist’.

Both schools teach the same thing – and both are based on the same fundamental principle – the same undeniable ‘secret’.

No, not the Law of Attraction, although that does have a port to play along with the 10 other fundamental laws of the Universe.

This secret is described in only one word.


Clarity is fundamental to everything that you and I do, everything that we are or will be, do or have.

Who we are now, what we do now, what we have now, is a direct result of the level of clarity that, up until now, we have had about ourselves.

Whether it’s the RAS by itself or as a channel – you and I get what we ask for.

And our satisfaction with that depends on how clear we were when we thought the thoughts that brought it into being.

Quite often you and I have had a result that was ‘close but no cigar’ and that’s because we weren’t crystal clear about what we wanted.

And of course when we ask for nothing, by using terms like ‘I want’ or ‘I wish’, then we get nothing, because we’ve only made a statement that defines the status quo.

To say “I want more money” means I lack more money – statement of fact – no action required, and a ‘wish’ is the same.

To paraphrase my mentor Peter Thomson, lack of clarity causes resistance to achieving whatever goal or desire it is that we want to achieve.

Now getting clarity isn’t easy and it’s not something you can do quickly on a Sunday afternoon. It takes time, it takes revision, it’s an ongoing growth process.

But the more you do it, the more self-discipline you put into it, the easier it becomes. The most successful people in the world have worked hard on their ‘clarity muscles’ and are experts at gaining clarity.

So here’s an exercise for you.

Write down, by hand, on paper, a statement about one small goal or desire that you have decided to achieve. (Not that you ‘want’ to achieve)

Write in the present/past tense – something like ‘today I did this’, received that, something of that nature. It can be something you’ve just achieved or may be something that you’ve achieved over the past year.

Describe in detail what it is. No ‘dream’ houses, cars or partners please! Be specific, very specific.

Describe your feelings now this goal or desire has been achieved, write about other senses where appropriate, smells, sounds, and so on.

Make it real.

Now some of you may be noticing that I said all this last week, but it’s worth repeating because its really important, critical to our growth and progress.

Make a decision to go with this vision, a commitment, and when you’ve done that you’ll start ‘seeing things’

Act on those opportunities – now.

(Not when you ‘get round to it’)