Positive and Negative

Positive and Negative 150 150 Ben Coker

Positive and Negative

You know when you (probably when you were at school) place two magnets end to end with both North or South ends facing each other you felt that they were pushing each other away but when you turned one of the magnets round they quickly joined together?

‘Like poles repel and unlike attract’.

Sometimes the ends of a magnet are called positive and negative and when you push the positive ends together you can really feel the energy – but the same happens with two negatives.

So why is that?

And why don’t we feel the energy when the positive and negative ‘join up’?

And have you noticed that when you fill a bath it doesn’t take much ‘cold’ water to cool it down to the temperature you want, but it takes quite a lot of ‘hot’ water to warm it up?

And you and I often recognise different people as having a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ attitude, as ‘optimists’ or ‘pessimists’, ‘glass half empty – or half full’ people.

But here’s the thing.

As I’ve discussed before, everything is composed of energy, energy arranged in a particular way in space.

Everything is about 99% space and 1% energy – although it seems ‘solid’ to us it is still just space and energy – and that includes you and I!

But what about the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ energy that a lot of people talk about? Positive and negative ‘vibes’ (which is the same thing as ‘vibes’, vibrations, are just energy).

Is there such a thing as ‘negative energy’?

I don’t think so, and here’s why.

If you take equal amounts of high energy (positive) hot water and low energy (negative) cold water and add them together you get an equalization of the energy level in that water. The temperature evens out.

It’s the same with people.

If you and I as ‘positive’ high energy people spend too much time with ‘negative’ low energy people, we find our positivity ebbing away – even though we do tend to ‘lift’ the others a bit.

But when we spend time with other high energy people the overall energy and hence positivity of the group rises.

We often get quite excited and reach a higher level when we interact and discuss ideas with a group of positive people.

You see, it’s the same as with water. The molecules in hot water have absorbed pure energy and are vibrating faster than the molecules in cold water that have lost some energy.

So the idea that like repels like and that opposites attract isn’t quite the whole story.

The ‘repelling’ effect is actually increasing the energy level – it’s the principle of the ‘mag-lev’ transport originally developed in 1956 by Professor Eric Laithwaite (sadly a man well before his time). The ‘repulsion’ lifts and pushes a vehicle along a track.

So far from ‘repelling’ each other, positive high energy people together become more powerful that the individuals by themselves.

Likewise, negative low energy people gathered together bring each other down.

But unlike water when groups of people are mixed together they don’t tend to go to the average energy level but go towards the level of the highest energy person, or the lowest energy person.

That’s because really high energy positive people pull the others up and really low energy negative people pull the others down.

The ‘strongest’ people in the group – those with the most ‘power’ on the positive side and those with the most ‘force’ (towards the bottom of the scale) on the negative side, tend to become the ‘leaders’ and either inspire or force the others towards their level.

So there is only one form of energy and people gravitate towards where they feel comfortable on the scale, high or low – or mediocre – somewhere ‘in the middle’ – the ‘majority’ of people in the ‘normal’ distribution curve.

Positive and Negative are just labels to denote high and low – easier to describe someone as ‘positive’ that ‘a high energy person’.

And there is no ‘dark side’ – it’s just that the light (energy) is very dim with some people

The god news is though that all of those people in the middle, all of those ‘normal’ people are open to being ‘lifted’.

Open to taking on extra energy.

Open to becoming more ‘positive’

Open to new learning and new knowledge


They are also open to conforming to ‘common sense’, ‘the way we do things round here’, ‘the way it is’ and so on.

Oh yes, and the idea that people have to be employed by someone else (usually doing something they don’t want to do) in order to survive.

They are open to being controlled by people who believe power is achieved by force, by ‘rules’ and by ‘norms’, and who reject the idea that the opposite is true.

But power comes from energy, higher levels of energy or ‘vibration’ or ‘consciousness’..

Not power over others but the power to lift others to our level.

To the level where they can make their own decisions about who they are, what they do and how they operate their lives.

That movement is in place, and you and I are part of it.

Let’s you and I ‘lift’ someone else today – even if only a little way.