Zero Limits

Zero Limits 150 150 Ben Coker

Zero Limits

I borrowed this title from Dr. Joe Vitale’s book on Ho’oponopono.

Let me explain.

Recently I’ve been immersed in a recording of a two-day event where Dr. Ihaleakhala Hew Len explains the process and the power of this ancient Hawaiian technique.

Dr. Len was the psychological therapist who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients in Hawaii – without ever seeing any of them. He simply studied each patient’s file and then looked within himself to see how he created that person’s illness.

As he improved (or as he puts it ‘cleaned’) himself, the patient improved.

That doesn’t make sense. What has he to do with their problem?

For Dr Len there are four states of being – which match most other theories of life the universe and everything.

The subconscious, the conscious, the superconscious and what he calls ‘zero’.

As I understand it ‘zero’ is another description of pure energy, the universe, or the higher power, whatever you wish to call whatever it is that pervades everything. I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

Ho’oponopono literally means ‘to put to rights’ – made up from ‘ho’o’ which is equivalent to the word ‘to’ when used to ‘activate’ a verb which in this case is ‘ponopono’.

That’s a gross simplification as it means much more than that, but that’s all I have space for here.

The idea, again as I understand it so far, is that humans in particular, but this applies to other life forms as well, have taken on over the generations, a lot of ‘baggage’ which Dr. Len describes as ‘memory’ or ‘data’ which, in common with other  philosophies and backed up to some extent by scientific study, rests in the subconscious.

We store everything that has happened throughout our lives (and out antecedents lives) together with all the influences that there have been upon us. It’s all there, we’ve just lost the power to access most of it.

The ‘cleaning’ technique allows the mind to disconnect from or suppress that memory bank and move towards the ‘ideal’ state of ‘zero’ or communion with the higher power.

As we do that and ‘clean’ the memory in ourselves there is a synchronistic effect such that people who are in some way connected with us also feel the effects of that cleaning and that disconnection from the ‘human memory’.

Not only is this very difficult to explain and I don’t know all the answers in any case, it is also very difficult to do.

It takes a lot of practice using the Ho’oponpono ‘cleaning tools’ and depends on the belief that this is real.

One of the most commonly known ‘tools’ is the repetition of the four phrases:

“I Love You” – “I’m Sorry” – “Please Forgive Me” – “Thank You”

Used repeatedly and focused on a specific subject, feeling, or issue, this will lift you or me out of the subconscious and towards ‘zero’.

They can be used in any order, and it’s not necessary to use all of them.

But here’s the thing.

The mistake most people make when using Ho’oponopono is to direct this cleaning at someone else.

It doesn’t work like that.

To help someone else you have to clean the issue within yourself. You cannot clean anyone else, and you cannot teach anyone else to use the technique to resolve something.

It’s not a case of “do this and you’ll be fine”.

We have to do it to/for them and the Universe, or the state of zero will do the rest – so the tradition goes.

Indeed, they are probably unaware that they have something about them that you or I perceive as ‘wrong’ – to them it may be normal.

Look at it this way.

You and I know that we alone are responsible for our own feelings.

We know that our feelings are not the result of something that someone else has done or said to us.

We create feelings within ourselves as a result of our environment and the people in it.

We cannot ‘make’ anyone else feel good or bad – that’s up to them.

What we can do however, is to project those feelings we’ve created onto others, and that can be good or bad, and we have no idea how they will decide to feel in response – or if they do anything in response.

But if we clear those feelings in ourselves we can no longer project them. Our feelings are our own, they are no-one else’s business and not the result of anyone else’s influence on us.

Then there’s synchronicity.

How is it that you and I ‘cleaning’ ourselves can have an effect on someone else?

The only way I can explain this is that as we carry out the process the higher power within us takes this on board and transmits the cleansing process we are carrying out on ourselves to others with whom we are connected.

It’s not just random, there has to be a connection, even if as in the case of Dr. Len it was just studying a patient’s file.

Now here’s a strange thing.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve written nearly 100,000 words in these ‘insights’.

I never really know where the inspiration comes from each week. It just comes, and I write and the message flows out quite easily – about all sorts of disparate subjects.

Occasionally, it’s been suggested that I’ve been talking about specific people in some way or even ‘getting at them’.

On the other hand, many people have said that the week’s message has been really helpful or just what they wanted to hear.

But I have no idea what you want to hear, or not hear.

It seems that I get a message and I transmit it, and week after week it’s a different message, although some have been variations on a theme.

Is this synchronicity?

Are the messages I get a result of someone ‘cleaning’?

Someone ‘cleaning’ for me?

I don’t know because they all seem to apply to me and are most often messages relating to something that I need to learn, or I need to change.

No, in fact, they are always of that nature, so are they a result of my own ‘cleaning’?

The fact that other people pick up on them is where the synchronicity comes in. I don’t think it’s down to ‘coincidence’, and anyway there’s no such thing.

It’s as if there is a message out there that you and I need, and it’s being channeled through me.

Am I sounding pompous, maybe – if you decide to feel that way about it.

With the best of intentions – and that’s how I feel about it.