Losing the Plot

Losing the Plot 150 150 Ben Coker

Losing the Plot

We’ve lost the plot!

As a species – as ‘the human race’ – we’ve lost the plot.

(And I’m sorry to say that, mostly, includes you and I)

We’ve forgotten.

Forgotten why we’re here

Forgotten Who We Are

Forgotten What We Are

‘Humanity’ as a whole has lost the plot.

Some individuals have forgotten, some were never aware that they had anything to forget.

Now I could spend a lot of time explaining this but it’s all been explained before.

It’s all in many ancient texts, it’s all in the Bible, its all in the Qur’an and more recently it’s all in ‘Conversations with God’ as recorded by Neale Donald Walsch.

But still very few people understand.

That we are an infinite being in a human body and that we have infinite capability.

That we are here, not to fulfil some ‘destiny’ or universal ‘cunning plan’, not to ‘play a part’ in the ‘grand scheme of things’, but simply to experience whatever we want to experience and choose to experience.

When we experience anything in any way it gets automatically recorded.

It becomes knowledge – knowledge like ‘now we know what happens when . . .’

And this knowledge becomes part of the overall ‘human experience’ – it may even influence the choices that other individuals make.

We can do pretty much anything – and if you look at the texts we’ve done it before.

We used to keep the same body for much longer in time than we do now before we transitioned to another body or another plane, we used to be free of dis-ease, we used to be free of conflict, and we used to be free of all the third dimensional ‘problems’ that afflict our lives now.

It’s all there, despite the efforts of many to suppress knowledge in pursuit of power.

So how is this relevant to now?

First, there is more and more awareness growing about the situation we are in.

Many people are realizing the truth – and now, now that we are no longer in the ‘dark ages’ they aren’t being burnt at the stake because of it – even though in some places and cultures things are still a little ‘backward’.

What’s relevant though is the idea of the Trinity.

Mind : Body : Spirit  – which has been put many ways, often through mistranslation.

The ‘Body’ is our third dimensional reality, it’s the part of us that takes the actions that we need to take to survive and grow.

The ‘Mind’ is the part of us that makes the decisions, the choices, and commands the body to do what needs to be done to support those decisions or choices.

The ‘Spirit’ is the part of us that creates the ‘vision’ or ‘dream’ for our future – even if that future is only about what’s going to happen in the next half-hour. The Spirit is where the intention to achieve or experience something is set.

Now here’s the thing.

You’ll have heard about the Law of Attraction and you may have read Rhonda Byrne’s book ‘The Secret’.

Trouble is that it’s not actually the whole secret, only a bit of it, the first bit.

This and lots of other books like it focus on one thing – creating the vision and maybe setting the intention to achieve that vision.

But then it stops.

Because setting the intention is the easy part.

It takes no effort whatsoever and it can be great fun – anyone can write a ‘bucket list’ – all the things you’d really love to do, the life you’d love to have, and the person you’d love to be.

And that’s great.

But it doesn’t get you anywhere.

You have to take the next step.

You have to choose.

You have to make the choice to realise each intention – to actually go ahead and make it come true.

Because unless you do that it will forever remain on that bucket list – as an intention.

But what does ‘choosing’, making a choice, mean?

Making a choice for one of your intentions – and you and I can only choose for one at a time by the way – means making a commitment.

A commitment to yourself – although you can get others to help, to keep you accountable for implementing your choice – as an ‘accountability partner’.

And the commitment, the choice, is to take action – real action.

It’s no good just intending to take action because it never happens.

You have to make the choice first, you cannot leave that step out.

Why, because your Spirit where the intention is set, doesn’t have control of your Body that takes the action.

Your Body doesn’t ‘report’ to the Spirit, it ‘reports’ to the Mind – and the Mind is the part of you responsible for making choices.

For each intention you make a choice.

First to implement it now or later, but when you choose to ‘do it now’ you then have to make a choice about what action to take.

And remember that the choice to not take a certain action that might be counter-productive is still a choice to take action.

Some of these choices can be really really small – maybe having one less spoonful of sugar in your tea.

Other choices can be big and may encompass several separate consequential and parallel actions – some sort of ‘project plan’.

You choose to take action and your Body deploys the effort needed to carry out that action, maybe physical effort, maybe intellectual effort, maybe emotional effort.

All action requires an effort of some sort – and different individuals find those ‘efforts’ hard or easy.

Intention – requires no effort, no stress, it’s just fun

Choice – may require a little effort, maybe not – it depends how much you ‘want’ to realise the intention that the choice is about.

Action – always requires effort of some sort

There are plenty of books, programmes and coaches who will help you with your intentions.

There are quite a few that can help you make choices

But you can’t learn action from a book, and although a coach can help they can’t do it for you.

If you set an intention to learn to swim and make a choice to get on and do it you can only learn by taking the appropriate action, getting in the water and giving it a go.

You can’t learn to swim by reading a book.

You can’t learn to DO anything other than by just doing it.

You might be able to learn how to, but that’s not a lot of use until you actually do.

What are you choosing to do today?