Big Bang Theory

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Big Bang Theory

I remember astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle several years ago talking about the, then outlandish, theory that the Universe was created by a ‘big bang’ rather than somehow slowly evolving from nothing.

Now it’s pretty much accepted by most of the scientific community that a ‘big bang’ is exactly what happened.

And what’s more it lines up with the ‘creation by God’ explanation given by most religions.

Apart from the question of timing, the main argument that religion has with science though is ‘how does evolution fit in?’

Religions would say that everything was created in a ‘perfect’ state, and that includes you and I, but then there was some sort of ‘fall from grace’ where ‘we’ became less than perfect in some way – as explained in the various religious texts.

Science on the other hand, more or less proposes the opposite.

Everything was created in a big bang but the ‘first version’ was not necessarily ‘perfect’.

Things evolved to get ‘better’ in some way.

It’s going on all the time.

You and I are evolving and growing through circumstances, actions and experiences.

And we continue to evolve, or ‘upgrade’ the things we have created to make them work better or be better.

Sometimes it’s called ‘reinventing the wheel’ – although strangely some people don’t like that idea, maybe they think it means ‘recreating the wheel’.

We’ve ‘reinvented, evolved or upgraded the wheel to make it work better.

I doubt if the original wheel that was created would be much use on a Formula 1 car!

The thing is though, that there wasn’t just one creation, one ‘big bang’.

‘Big bangs’ are happening all the time.

Every birth is a big bang. Whether that’s a human, animal or plant.

Every new product or service concept is a big bang

Every new connection that we make with someone is a big bang

And most of all, every new idea is a big bang.

You see, we’re ‘creating’ all the time, every day, every hour maybe, new stuff happens.

And then it starts to grow and evolve.

It starts to ‘get better’.

People grow, relationships grow, business offerings grow, ideas grow – and as well, they all ‘evolve’.

They change and develop.

They ‘get better’.

And sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes the evolution and growth stop, for one of two reasons:

  • The creation may have developed into it’s highest and best form. It’s ‘perfection’.

It can’t ‘go’ any further.

It will ‘freeze’ in that form and ‘become part of the furniture’, or it will become extinct and just ‘disappear’.

How many ideas for example, have you and I had that have just ‘disappeared’ at some stage in their development when we realised they couldn’t ‘go any further’?

  • Or, the creation may not have fully developed because of some sort of ‘fault’ that prevents further evolution.

Again, there are two solutions to this:

It could be abandoned and ‘left to die’ naturally – as have many ‘great idea’ products that never ‘made the grade’.

Or it could be healed.

It could be fixed, repaired, reworked, cured, – it could be healed.

Healing is a process akin to decluttering, removing the bits that aren’t necessary, maybe the ‘quick fixes’ that have been added during the evolutionary growth processes.

Healing is also about repairing the bits and pieces of an object, a relationship, a body, that have been broken or damaged along the evolutionary road.

Healing makes things better – and restarts that process with the unnecessary or incorrect parts, beliefs, processes and such like removed and with the damaged parts repaired.

And obviously it can be quite complex and time consuming.

But the choice is simple – ‘bin it’ or heal it.

But when your ‘imperfect’ creation has reached that obstruction in the road, that’s the choice you have to make.

Think about it, I’ve done it, and you’ve done it.

Very few creations, if any, and that includes the Universe itself, reach perfection.

Growth and evolution continue.

“Getting better all the time”

And the ‘big bangs’ keep coming like a myriad of sparks of energy creating ‘new stuff’ all the time.

Which then gets better through the normal course of things.


Until something goes ‘wrong’ and needs fixing.

Until something needs healing.

And often that’s where it can all go horribly wrong.

Because you and I get the healing process wrong.

We use the wrong technology, the wrong energy, the wrong process.

We try to use a healing process inconsistent with the energy of the ‘big bang’ that created whatever we are attempting to heal.

To be successful in healing, the energy, process or technology used must be on the same wavelength as that of the creation of whatever we want to heal.

And not only that, we shouldn’t attempt to ‘heal’ something that isn’t the root cause of the problem. We shouldn’t attempt to heal the symptoms – the ‘paracetamol’ or ‘sticking plaster’ approach just doesn’t work.

If anything, it makes the problem worse by ‘hiding’ it.

What do you need to heal today?

What’s the root cause of the ‘problem’?

What are you going to do?

Maybe it needs another ‘big bang’ to find the answer!