Your Necktop Computer

Your Necktop Computer 150 150 Ben Coker

Your Necktop Computer

I’ve been staying in London for the past couple of weeks undertaking an intensive training course.

I was staying about three and a half miles away from the venue but the journey by bus or by tube was taking between 45 minutes and well over an hour, one trip was 90 minutes!

I didn’t measure it but the bus I travelled on was usually stationary for at least a third of that time other than stopping at designated stops.

The bus was full of people.

The tube was full of people.

The roads were full of people – in cars, vans, other buses, and on motorcycles and bicycles.

So many people all scurrying to get somewhere.

Even at the weekend, although the ‘traffic’ was a little lighter.

It brought something home to me.

Something that I’ve known for a while and have commented on before.

And it made me question.

What are we doing?

What are we as a society doing?

To ourselves – and to everyone else.

You see, an image came into my head as I was watching the cyclists streaming over Waterloo Bridge.

Little computers sitting on top of a body riding a bike.

Hundreds of them,

Necks with a computer on top instead of a head.

Surreal I know, but so true.

The thing is that the brain is far more powerful, far more adaptable, and far more effective than any manufactured computer.

Sure, IT can do lots of things, quicker and more effectively than humans – but computers cannot do everything that we can do.

When did your laptop last make you a cup of tea?

Go out and buy the milk because you’d run out?

Decide what you were going to wear today?

Sure, we can invent gadgets to do many of the things we do – but separately – a different gadget or program for each activity.

Instead of the massive set of programs and huge operating system together with the highly complex and dynamic ‘wiring’ that makes up our brain.

It just does everything.

It even decides which bits of technology we’re going to use to perform specific tasks.

Our brains have the capacity and innate ability to do all sorts of things.

But we’ve forgotten.

We’ve forgotten how it works, and there is no ‘manual’ to tell us how.

So instead of living lives of fulfillment and simply ‘being’ we do one of two things.

We rent out our necktop to someone else and do stuff for them – or

We hire other necktops to do stuff for us.

And maybe we do both of these at the same time.

You and I need to make sure that we’re using our ‘necktops’ wisely.

It’s all very well renting them out but make sure that those we rent them to don’t take them over or install software we don’t really want.

Make sure they don’t set up ‘thought-forms’ or frameworks, ways of thinking, that aren’t in our best interests.

And make sure that others – the media, the press, the politicians, the advertisers – all those people out there who want to hack our necktop and make it part of their vision of how things should be, don’t succeed in doing that either.

Protect your necktop.

Install a firewall against all the ads, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and ‘opinion’ that you’re bombarded with all the time.

Don’t let it in – the adware, the spyware and all the other malware – block it out.

You can do this in three ways:

  • Meditation to sort out and clean up your hard drive.
  • Transformational Therapy to remove unwanted, counterproductive, and malicious software you’ve already collected and reboot the operating system.
  • Transformational Coaching to help install your own dominant program for your future and upgrade your necktop so it will automatically defend you against all the other stuff that gets thrown at you all the time.

Clean up your necktop, reboot and upgrade

Now – before something else sneaks in!