More Than Enough?

More Than Enough? 150 150 Ben Coker

More Than Enough?

My mentor Marisa Peer in her new book ‘I Am Enough, Mark your Mirror and Change Your Life’ explains her concept or mantra “I Am Enough”.

She proposes that there are two fundamental underlying causes to all our ‘problems’ and behaviors in life.

They are

  • Not feeling that we are ‘enough’
  • Something not being ‘available’ for us

In our personal opinion or belief that is, not in reality.

The idea that in some way the belief held by an individual that they are ‘not enough’ is the root cause of addictions, of weight problems, of certain sexual behaviour and so on.

People strive to get more of whatever it is they believe they don’t have enough of.

It’s the reason why some extremely rich people are always striving for more and more money – even though they have far more than they already know what to do with.

Conversely, the idea of something being ‘not available’ is the reason why some lottery winners go all out to spend the money as soon as they can.

They have the underlying belief that money is ‘not available’ to them and so they get rid of it as soon as possible.

And of course, these two concepts apply in many more contexts.

We don’t have ‘enough’ of it or it’s ‘not available’ to us – whatever ‘it’ is.

These underlying thought-forms are very difficult to overcome as they are deeply embedded in the subconscious mind.

But you and I weren’t born with them.

We picked them up at a very early age and usually by the time we reached double figures they were deeply embedded – unless our parents and those around us were very very careful and knew that this could happen.

In any case they form the basis of everything we think and do.

Until we get rid of them.

You see the mind only ever does what it thinks you want it to do – and although you can make a conscious decision about something, your subconscious mind will often ‘misinterpret’ this.

We know, for example that the subconscious ignores negatives.

You decide you’re not going to drink alcohol.

Your subconscious first ignores the ‘not’ and then adds in not being enough and also brings another concept into play.

The mind always chooses the ‘familiar’ over the ‘unfamiliar’

So it returns the response ‘Rubbish, of course you drink alcohol, besides you haven’t had enough, and it’s what you usually do – it’s familiar – it would be scary to do otherwise!’

And it might also throw in that being sober is something that’s not attainable for you.

Just try applying that set of ‘subconscious mind logic’ to other things and see what answers you get.

“I’m not going to do that, it’s unfamiliar and scary – it might hurt!”

“I can’t have that, it’s unavailable to me, I couldn’t have it when I was little so obviously I can’t have it now”

“I’m not going to stop doing that, I haven’t had enough, I’m not enough’, I need to keep having whatever it is, it might run out, I might die!”

This is subconscious ‘logic’ and whatever you decide to do consciously, your subconscious mind will override it or put up a fight.

Which leads to anxiety, stress and depression – and physical pain and illness as well.

And all the knock-on effects and circumstances that these lead to.

So, how do you and I get rid of these underlying thought-forms?

The key thing Marisa suggests is that you convince your conscious self that you are ‘enough’.

Write it on every mirror, have it on your screensaver, carry I with you on a cad and so on.

That’s great, and it works – but only when you and I understand what it means.

It is, after all a bit difficult to grasp – ‘I Am Enough’?

Most people will say

“No, I’m not enough – because I want that new job, that new car, that new relationship, more money, a better house – and so on – I’ll be ‘enough’ when I have all that”

The meaning that you and I should be understanding it that – ‘today, at this time, at this moment’ I am enough’.

Right here, right now, Enough

To get through the next minute, the next hour the next day and so on ‘I Am Enough’

Tomorrow, or next week I will have more knowledge, more money, more time – but I will still be ‘enough’

I am always enough.

And my ‘enough’ of today, is more than my ‘enough’ of yesterday.

Every day I Am Enough

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be more than enough tomorrow.

But tomorrow I am still enough.

You see ‘enough’ is dynamic.

It changes from day to day, ‘more’ or ‘less’, it doesn’t matter.

Every day, you and I are always ‘enough’.

Once we know that, once we believe that, the old ‘I am not enough’ thought-form becomes redundant and is replaced by the new ‘I Am Enough’ thought-form.

The effects can be dramatic and rapid.

It opens up a whole new frame of reference for your subconscious and starts to chip away at the concept of things not being available or attainable.

Because being ‘enough’ means that those things don’t matter – as far as your subconscious is concerned.

Because the perceived need is removed the blocks to those ‘needs’ are also removed, and you mind gets a better understanding of what it thinks you want it to do.

It even starts to be more flexible about what is ‘unfamiliar’.

Everything starts to come together.

All you need is just three words – and the belief that goes behind them

I Am Enough

Try it, embed that phrase in your mind – see what happens.