VisionPower 150 150 Ben Coker


Over the weekend I gave a presentation at the Best You Expo at Olympia in London

The title of the workshop was VisionPower  – it was about how you ‘power’ your vision to bring it into reality.

But that’s not the whole story.

There are some other messages some of which I’ve written about before, but the key was that if you don’t implement something else than you will have no power to achieve your vision.

The purpose of the workshop was to promote the ‘Dreambuilder’ life coaching programme created by Mary Morrissey which our team in Life Mastery – Now! are all trained and certified to deliver.

The programme itself has a 15-year pedigree and has helped around 100,000 people, mostly in North America, to achieve their goals, visions and dreams.

It’s quite a simple concept – as are most things that work well – and could be described as a goal achievement ‘SatNav’.

There are three stages to the coaching we provide and like setting up your navigation system these are –

Where are you starting from?

Where are you going to?

How will you get there?

In the ‘getting there’ or journey stage we’ll look at things analogous to ‘the quickest route’, ‘avoid tolls’, ‘avoid motorways’, ‘go via a specified waypoint’, and so on.

But the first lesson we explore is that the route from A to B, from ‘Here’ to ‘There’, is never ever a straight line.

Even a laser bean doesn’t travel in a straight line – it’s a beam of light that vibrates at a certain wavelength. It might ‘look’ like a straight line, but it isn’t – it’s a wave.

The ‘journey’ you and I take when we are in the process of achieving a goal or vision is just like that – it hits highs and lows, it encounters obstacles, and there are often ‘diversions’ that we have to take or choose to take.

When you or I are on a journey, unless we know the way exactly, and unless we know how to make diversions if we anticipate obstacles, we usually use a navigational aid – a SatNav – to help us on our way – and that’s exactly what it’s like when we take on a coach to assist us in achieving a goal.

A business goal or a personal goal, it’s the same either way.

Part of the process is setting it up, and in ‘life’ or ‘business’ you have to first know ‘where’ you are, or indeed ‘who’ you are.

What we’ve found is that practically everyone we talk to has an ‘idea’ of who and where they are, but the process always generates some revelations about who and where they really are in their lives.

Knowing exactly where you are starting from is always a great help in starting a journey.

You are Here’ as it says on the maps in town centres and, sometimes the old adage “Well if I was going there, I wouldn’t start from here” comes into play – because sometimes you do have to ‘start’ your journey from somewhere else.

Think of it like catching a train. Unless you live on a train station you have to go somewhere else before you can ‘start’.

And then you have to set your destination.

Usually in your SatNav you set a postal code. Sometimes the actual building you are heading for has its own postcode but usually not, so the system will get you close, but there’s still a final piece of the journey to complete when you ‘get there’.

The overall lesson is that you must have absolute clarity on the three elements of the journey.

Now here’s another thing and it relates very importantly to defining your destination, setting your goal or describing your vision.

Clarity and specificity are two quite different things.

You must be clear about your target – let’s keep it simple and say you want to hit the bullseye with an arrow in archery. That’s clarity.

But if you decide you want to hit the dead centre of the bullseye, or the top left quadrant of the bullseye or any other particular point on the bullseye then that’s being specific.

It makes your task far more difficult.


Until you get much closer to the goal – the closer you get, the more specific you can be – but the start of the journey is not the time for specifics.

Specifics are the final piece of the journey you can only complete once you’ve arrived.

Up front they will actually cloud your clarity and increase your resistance to taking the journey in the first place because you’ll be saying “I’ll never be able to achieve that – it’s just too hard”.

A clear target is easier to hit.

So far you have a plan.

  1. Discover who/where you are,
  2. Get clarity about where you want to go or who you want to be,
  3. Identify the route and the obstacles as far as you can.

Then you need to do two things, and I have talked about this before, but they are important, no, critical to your success.

You will not achieve anything without doing these things.

One of them of course is to take action – to get started – to take the first steps.

But there’s something else before that.

Bob Proctor said:

“There is a single mental move you can make, which in a millisecond, will solve enormous problems for you. It has the potential to improve almost any personal or business situation you will ever encounter . . . and it could literally propel you down the path to incredible success . . . We have a name for this magic mental activity. It is called – DECISION”

The decision for what you want to achieve, and the decision to take the action to achieve it.

Your vision cannot power itself and cannot drive itself.

Like your car it just sits there.

Until you decide to take the action required to drive it forward

Oh, and don’t forget your ‘SatNav’!