Expect Miracles

Expect Miracles 150 150 Ben Coker

Expect Miracles

I borrowed this title from Joe Vitale (of The Secret) who tends to sign off is emails that way.

In Bob Proctor’s book ‘You Were Born Rich’ (available from the Proctor Gallagher Institute) there is a chapter on the importance of expectation.

Of expecting to receive what you desire.

In a previous message ‘Great Expectations’ I was taking about the danger of expecting things from other people – this is different.

It’s about the expectations you and I have of ourselves – or I should say our Selves.

My ‘Self’ is what some people would call my Soul, some my Spirit and some my Superconscious, and it may have other names.

The Self is that part of you and I that is both outside us and inside us.

This symbiosis has been described both as a spiritual or infinite being inhabiting a human body or as a human body within, or enveloped by, a spiritual being – which some people can see as an ‘aura’.

Either way it’s that part of you and I which causes us to be Who We Really Are.

In Start Trek Deep Space 9, the character Odo, the changeling or shape shifter, was an individuation of ‘the great link’, a fluid body in which each ‘individual’ would merge from time to time.

In much the same way Neale Donald Walsch describes us, in Conversations with God’, as individuations of the Universe, or more exactly as individuations of the energy of which the Universe is made and indeed is the only ‘thing’, if you can call it that, that exists as the Universe within the ‘space’ that complements it.

You and I are entirely made up of energy, as is the environment in which we exist in every dimension.

When we think, we cause energy to vibrate in different patterns and at different levels, form different pathways and different connections and this has been demonstrated in scans of the electrical activity in the active brain.

The thing is that what we, as individual energetic beings, do with the energy of which we are composed.

Because what we think, is entirely up to us.

You and I are our own masters.

No-one or nothing else can cause us to do what we do.

But they can influence us, and that is where choice comes in.

Everything in our personal experience of life, in any incarnation, is a result of the choices we make.

Everything, no exceptions.

Of course, most people struggle with this in many ways – there are very very few people who don’t, maybe His Holiness the Dalai Lama is one of them.

In my Friday Focus #010 I talked about different levels of choice – about choosing what to choose from for example.

You and I are familiar with receiving ideas and intuitions from the Universe – those things that pop into our heads or appear ‘out of the blue’ and the first thing we do, the very first thing, is to make a choice.

Which is usually accept, discard or ignore.

We will then take some form of action, which can range from making a decision, setting a goal, or taking some form of three-dimensional physical activity.

And of course, we have to make a choice about that.

And carry on making choices throughout the whole process we set up for ourselves whatever it might be.

Choices by themselves though are pointless unless we do something as a result of making them.

If you choose chocolate ice-cream rather than vanilla ice-cream and then don’t have the ice-cream what was the point of the choice?

Last time I talked about setting REAL Goals.

This is the ‘prequel’ to that – what do you do before you set the goals – what causes you to set the goals?

You make a choice. You create a vision. You set some goals. You take action.

But there’s still ‘something’ missing.

How many times have you set a REAL goal (not one of those insipid ‘smart’ ones) and not achieved it?

More than once I’m sure.

You see, what’s missing is the expectation that you will achieve the goal, you will manifest what you desire, and you will be do and have whatever it is that you wish to be do and have.

Some people thing goal setting is hard, some think dream building is hard, some think making choices is hard – but this is the big one.

And it’s made so much harder because we are actively trained throughout life and especially in our childhood not to expect what we desire.

Pessimism is drummed into us from an early age so that we ‘won’t be disappointed’ if what we wish for doesn’t come true.

Optimism is for ‘dreamers’ so they tell us while we’re growing up.

Everything we see in the news media takes the pessimistic view of life. Even when people are proposing a particular policy they talk about the dire consequences of not doing it rather than the advantages of following that path.

But if you and I heed Joe Vitale’s words and ‘Expect Miracles’, than miracles – the fulfillment of our desires and the achievement of our goals and dreams – will happen.

When you and I make a choice, set a goal, construct a plan, and take action, we must, without fail, EXPECT to succeed.

We must EXPECT what we wish to be, do and have will manifest itself and become true.

Because after all, the only thing we are doing here is to cause the energy of which we and everything else in the Universe consists to react, vibrate and move in a different way and at a different frequency.

When we expect that to happen it will happen, there is no alternative, after all the universe, the energy, cannot think for itself,

An acorn cannot grow into a rose bush, a table cannot suddenly change into a chair, water cannot decide to flow upstream.

These things have no power of thought, they cannot change things.

We do and we can.

So, make your choices carefully and actively expect what you choose to come about. That’s the magic ingredient that causes your goals to be achieved.