War on Want

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War on Want

‘War on Want’ is the name of a charity I used to support back in the ‘70s but, that isn’t what this is about. I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing the name for the title.

I was going to call this ‘There is no Want’ (as in ‘There is no Try’) but that sounded better.

Let me get to the point.

I’m on a personal mission to stop using the word ‘want’.


Because it causes confusion.

The charity has their name absolutely right – they are fighting a war on lack, poverty the absence of basic essentials.

Their mission is to ensure that people have all the things they need – ‘want’ is an expression of lack.

It’s a statement.

It means “I do not have . . .”

So, when you and I say something like “We want a good result” or “I want a new car” or “I want to lose weight” we are expressing lack of the things we ‘want’.

You see, everything, and I mean everything, is available to us through the Universe – even though it may not have been created or come about yet.

Everything is, and always has been, and always will be available.

So, if you or I make an affirmation or have a thought tat starts with “I want” we are simply making a statement of fact to the Universe through our subconscious mind that there is some thing we don’t currently have.

Oh, and never mind what our conscious mind thinks about it, our conscious mind is not in contact with the Universe – it has to go through our ‘gatekeeper’ subconscious who can be quite pedantic and always takes things literally.

I’m trying (experimenting with) different ways of saying things to let the Universe know what I ‘want’ on terms it (or my subconscious) can understand.

You and I can ‘wish’ for something, ‘desire’ something, ‘seek’ something, ‘choose’ something, ‘be’ something, and ‘have’ something.

These are all potential ways of starting an affirmation or a thought about something we ‘want’.

You can set this in the past by using “I have” or “I am” or in the future by using any of the other words.

Either way your subconscious will check your statement against what it knows to be true and if there is a mismatch, or your statement is a command, it will set about putting the forces of the Universe in motion to rectify the situation.

When it hears “I want” however it will do the same ‘quality check’ and confirm that you don’t have that ‘new car’ – that you are simply stating the status quo – and will do nothing.

Not surprisingly, it seems to work, like most things, in a sequential process.

We start with a wish for something to be true

That develops into a more coherent desire for something specific that we then commence to seek.

“Seek and ye shall find”

For example, if you seek a new house or apartment, go and look at a few, if you seek a new car take some test drives, if you seek a new partner go on a few dates.

This is the ‘fun’ step. Get a ‘feel’ for whatever it is and then you can move on to the next step.

Eventually this leads to a choice – we actively choose a particular implementation of the original wish.

Next you and I will make a decision for, or against, that choice.

The next step is where many people get it wrong and go on to complain that none of this ‘stuff’ works.

The decision most people make is to ‘do’ something.

They have missed a step.

To give this process real power you and I have to decide to ‘BE

To be congruent with the wish, desire and choice – and the key element of ‘be-ing’ is to, as strongly as possible, FEEL how we would feel upon the original ‘wish’ coming true.

“Use your feelings Luke” said Obi-Wan when training him to use the power of the Force.

Which is exactly what we are doing here – using the power of the Universe, through our subconscious mind to manifest something that we do not currently have.

This feeling of ‘being’ is as much as anything a confirmatory step that causes us to take the right action.

We can then ‘do’ whatever comes to us as consistent with the original wish, desire and choice.

When the actions we need to take are completed we ‘have’ what we wished for.

Sometimes those actions are ‘unconscious’ and sometimes they require effort. Sometimes things just ‘come to us ‘out of the blue’, other time we have to put in some ‘work’.

Be careful what you wish for, because if you don’t get this right, especially the ‘be-ing’ step it may not happen quite the way you expected.

The ‘be’ step has another effect – it eliminates the ‘try’ option.

“Do, or not do, there is no try” said Yoda to Luke when he resisted attempting to lift his craft out of the swamp.

Don’t confuse the word ‘try’ with trials or experiments. Edison ‘tried’ several thousand time to get the incandescent bulb to work – but he was ‘doing’ all the time.

So here it is:

Wish – Desire – Seek – Choose – Decide – Be – Do – Have.

To your success and may all your wishes be manifested.