Singularity? 150 150 Ben Coker


Don’t worry, this isn’t about Quantum Physics, although I might get into that someday.

I’ve discussed before the idea, as put forward by Neale Donald Walsch, that, as Souls, we are all individuated fragments of the Universe.

The result is that you and I see ourselves as individual beings, which means as individuated Souls inhabiting and supported by an individual physical host, which in our case is human.

Other Souls inhabit other sentient physical hosts, you can’t persuade me that dogs, for example, don’t possess Souls!

As a rule, only one Soul inhabits any one body although there is evidence that some bodies have been and are ‘possessed’ by more than one Soul, which inevitably leads to significant problems.

So as symbiotic beings we are ‘single’ individuals, which brings me to my point.

Walsch explains that our ‘purpose’ in life, in any incarnation, is simply to ‘experience’ the ‘life’ we’ve chosen as individuated Souls. We don’t have a ‘mission’ other than that which is part of this Soul-Experience.

(To fully understand this, refer to Walsch’s ‘Conversations With God’ trilogy.)

One of the experiences for all life forms on this planet is procreation, and for that, in most cases, two individuals are required. With some life forms the offspring can immediately fend for themselves with little or no aftercare, but with the ‘higher’ forms of life such as humans, a significant amount of time and nurture is required before new individuals are able to ‘look after’ themselves.

Keeping in mind that this is all part of the Soul-Experience, a culture has developed in most countries of one-to-one partnerships between individuals, the purpose of which is the ‘bringing-up’ of children.

On top of that, again in most parts of the world these partnerships have been institutionalised into what is generally known as ‘marriage’ and again in most cases, is highly regulated y the State and/or the ‘Church’ or other religious organisation acting on behalf of the State.

Our human side has a strong drive to form such a partnership lasting for several years according to the number and ‘spacing’ of children they have.

‘Finding a partner’ is a key driver for young adults and not having such a partner is seen as in some way a ‘failure’.

Our physical host’s ‘prime directive’ is to procreate, so this is understandable, but in many cases it is at odds with the ‘Soul-Experience’ being sought in this life and this can can lead to the formation of same-sex partnerships and multiple-partner arrangements.

Now though, there is a ‘new kid on the block’ – the idea of ‘Self-Partnering’, spearheaded by the ‘millennial’ generation, but beginning to ‘catch on’ with people who have passed the childbearing age of their human existence.

Self-Partnering is quite different from just being ‘Single’.

Those who describe themselves as ‘single’ are usually in a state of ‘looking’ (to some level at least) for a partner. Age here is immaterial, the desire for a partner is driven by cultural norms as well as the need to procreate.

People who have lost or separated from their procreational partner or same-sex ‘life partner’ for whatever reason still feel ‘left out’ or in someway inferior if they aren’t part of a ‘couple’.

That’s simply the pressure of ‘society’ but it makes many people feel in some way outcast from society and maybe in some cases even a threat to the established order of things.

Self -Partnership is different and operates on a much higher level in the Soul-Body relationship.

You and I have unique interfaces or relationships within us between our Soul and the physical entity, or body, we inhabit, and which is essential to our survival in this life.

That relationship, and our understanding of it, can be envisaged as our ‘Self’.

But how can you or I have a relationship with our Selves?

It’s all about knowing and understanding who you really are; which part of you, Soul or Human is ‘in charge’, whether you follow your human instincts or your Soul intuition?

Whether you give in to ‘society’ or follow your own path.

Is your life in balance? In terms of life energy how much is coming in and how much is going out, and like your financial accounts what are your Soul’s ‘assets’ and ‘liabilities?

It’s also about being ‘at one’ with your Self, being comfortable in your Self, and knowing and understanding that whatever your current experience, whatever is happening, your Self can deal with it.

It’s about knowing, understanding and fully believing the ‘You’ are Enough. Being ‘enough’ is not about being complacent about where you are now it means that you know where you are and ready, but not desperate or under any obligation, to move forward.

(More on being ‘Enough’ in Marisa Peer’s book or Mind Valley programme.)

Above all it’s about having love for your Self and not being in need of love from someone else.

Being in love with your self in this way is not narcissism, that is always at the expense of others in some way. Self-Partnership is about you and you only.

One of the surprising things about self-partnership (although it’s not really surprising) is that self-partnered people are often in the best relationships with others.

They often have another person as their ‘life-partner’ (formal or informal) and these relationships are extremely good. Some people refer to these others as their Soul Mate because the partnership, the relationship, is at that level, above the purely human level.

All the people I know who have wonderful relationships with their life partner first had that relationship with their Selves. That Self-Partnership. That’s how it works.

Anyone ‘looking’ for their ‘Soul Mate’ will never find them. Only when a person has self-partnered first will that higher-level relationship be possible.

Sadly, the truth is that not many people know this or have reached this level, most people are still struggling with ‘singularity’ – and will probably need coaching to help to ‘raise their game’.

Anyone ‘looking’ should just forget about ‘finding a partner’ – they already have one. They just have to start building that relationship, the relationship they always wished for, with their Self.

It’s never too late to partner with your Self, even if you are in a ‘relationship’ already, things can only get better.

And if you know anyone who this message might help, please do pass it on.