“The 7 Big Mistakes . . .”

“The 7 Big Mistakes . . .” 150 150 Ben Coker

“The 7 Big Mistakes . . .”

You may have noticed that there are always ‘7 Big Mistakes’ – whatever it is you or I are embarked on someone will offer a ‘free report’ describing them and of course leading up to a sales pitch.

We have our ‘Seagulls’ and we may have broken down what we need to do into B goals and A goals or tasks. We will have made a plan of some sort as well.

When we have something to achieve you and I do this as a matter of course and if anyone doesn’t do this at the start they haven’t ‘made a mistake’, they just haven’t started.

They haven’t reached the ‘mistake making’ stage. They’ve ‘chosen’ their vision or target and ‘decided’ to go for it completing the first stage of creation.

It has been created in the mind.

But then we have to take action by first deconstructing our goals into plans and specific activities and this is where the ‘mistakes’ start.

What I’ve found is that there are quite a few more than just seven and it will take too long to describe them all so here are four things you must not do, and four things you must not neglect to do, if you’re going to have any prospect of success.

  1. We have to let go of any form of expectation that our desired outcome will be achieved within a certain timescale, in a certain place, in a certain way or whatever.

We have to let go of the desired outcome once we have defined it and instead of trying to figure out how it can be achieved remain focussed on our intention for that outcome. The Universe will take care of the ‘how’ – the ‘how’ will come to us – out of the ‘blue’ as the saying goes

As long as we hold true to our intention.

And, unless we have a prior agreement, contract or promise we must not expect anything from other people. They have their own intentions which may or may not be in alignment with ours.

So if you and I wish to work in harmony with the Universe and make the ‘Law of Attraction’ work then as well as applying the full set of Laws we have to let go of our ego, our belief that we (our human entities) are ‘in control’ and let the Universe do its thing.

  1. You and I need to ignore or dispose of any limiting beliefs and paradigms about ‘how the world works’

This includes what we think we ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ do and to an extent what we think we are ‘allowed’ (or not) to do.

Sometimes this isn’t easy and we get dragged back into these ways of thinking which leads me to the first thing that you and I must not neglect or ‘forget’!

  1. To achieve and bring into reality what we wish for you and I must manage our ‘mindset’.

What this really means is that we must nurture our Belief in ourselves and our Faith in the Universe to deliver whatever it is we are ‘asking for’.

This is another big topic and can just about be covered in a three day event or a three month coaching programme. The thing is that we have to be constantly aware of our Beliefs, our Faith and our Paradigms if we are to achieve what we wish to achieve.

  1. Remember to work with the Laws, all of them together, if we wish to succeed

Working with the Law is essential, and in any form of manifestation, wish, meditation, or ‘prayer’ you may have noticed a key formula.

‘Prayers’ in the religious sense, always start with ‘thanks’ or gratitude, followed by ‘forgiveness’ or a request for it. Then they move into whatever is being ‘requested’.

The thing to remember is that this is the formula of the Universe. The Law of Attraction must be preceded by use of the Laws of Gratitude and Forgiveness, otherwise it ‘doesn’t work’.

  1. Get into the right ‘vibration’ or frame of mind, be on the ‘wavelength’ or ‘frequency’ of whatever it is we are seeking.

The Law of Vibration is the counterpart of the Law of Attraction and Bob Proctor majors on this in his coaching.

Everything is energy and different things, thoughts and events have a unique ‘frequency’ – just like a radio or TV you have to ‘tune in’ to that frequency in order to receive whatever it is you are looking for.

How you and I do this requires understanding and training – and usually some help.

  1. Make sure we don’t become ‘obsessed’ with our vision or our plan

Many people make a strong point of advising us to remain ‘focussed’ on what we are doing (often because what we are doing is a contributor to their plan) but ‘over-focus’ on one thing is dangerous because it can severely damage our lifestyle, health and relationships.

You and I need a ‘Do List’ (not a ‘To Do List’ because that means it will always be ‘to’ do!) and it should be reprioritised every time we complete whatever is at the top of the list.

How this works is a longer story than we have time for here.

  1. We must watch what we are doing, measure our achievement and effectiveness, and use this feedback.

If you and I don’t measure the effect of the tasks we complete we won’t know where we are in the overall plan and we won’t be able to modify what we do to make things better or easier.

If we’re not aware of what’s happening everything will take longer and/or we’ll find ourselves going the wrong way.

  1. Perhaps the biggest mistake is what many people do – attempting to go it alone, without help.

It’s a bit like DIY without the instructions or using a new piece of software without the user guide. When we set off on our own, we do go the wrong way and we do make mistakes, sometimes big ones.

I know this from personal experience because I didn’t start taking advice until quite late in my career/life (and there are probably one or two people around who would say I still don’t take advice!).

It’s essential to work with coaches and mentors and teachers, and that is deliberately in the plural. You don’t need a vast number, just a few, but they are absolutely essential to you achieving your vision.

It’s one of the ways in which the Universe helps you to bring about whatever it is you wish for, and helps you grow into whoever, whatever or wherever that is.