The Dimension Paradigm – Part 3

The Dimension Paradigm – Part 3 150 150 Ben Coker

The Dimension Paradigm – Part 3

A few people, maybe around 3% of the global population, have grown their fifth dimensional consciousness to higher levels, maybe 25% of their consciousness, and started to ‘leave behind’ the constraints of the third dimension.

Most people involved in any form of energy healing, alternative therapies and spirituality (not Spiritualism which has turned into a religion) are in this category. They used to be called witches or sorcerers, but Wicca is also a religion and thus bound to third dimensional thinking.

This group understand how the Laws of the Universe work and can put them into practice to manifest situations – ‘make things happen’, but in the Fifth Dimension this requires considerable hard ‘work’.

The next step is to transition into the Sixth Dimension, where, once you have broken through the barrier (I’ll come back to that), manifestation becomes a matter of course with no ‘work’ required.

Once you set an intention as a sixth dimensional being then things do ‘just happen’ – often referred to as ‘miracles’.

The Sixth Dimension is the dimension of miracles, of auto-manifestation, where all you need do is ‘think’ and whatever you wish for happens.

Mind you, that thinking does have to be totally clear and completely focussed on whatever you’re wishing to achieve – but in this dimension it becomes easy – a matter of course.

Crossing the barrier from the fifth to the sixth dimension is nowhere nearly as simple or straightforward as crossing the border (if there is one) between the fourth and fifth – to get through ‘border control’ you must leave an awful lot behind.

You cannot import any ‘connections’ to the third dimension, any third dimensional ‘material’ or ‘baggage’. You must also let go of much of your fourth dimensionality.

The Sixth Dimension has no place for logic, no place for ‘need to know’, no place for ‘how’. Importantly, probably most importantly, there is no place for instinctive reptile brain ‘reaction’ or even higher-level reaction to third/fourth dimensional events.

None of this stuff ‘matters’ anymore.

You are still living in association with a three dimensional body in a three dimensional world, but the trappings and conventions of the third/fourth dimensions are irrelevant because if there is anything out of that space that you wish for you already have it, without even ‘thinking’ about it, but most people in this dimension aren’t particularly interested.

As you proceed through immigration there will be questions to answer. You must have disposed of any limiting beliefs, any blocks, restrictions or binding associations, obligations or dependencies.

Your Soul must be free of all this – a ‘free spirit’ in all ways.

Just like Ellis Island you undergo ‘medical checks’ and if found wanting are consigned to the Hospital, remaining ‘outside’ until you are deemed to have ‘recovered’.

In the Sixth dimension we hone our skill in making things happen and build on our fifth dimensional creative skills.

Creativity, in the form of art, music and writing and to some extent invention (where no ‘problem solving’ skills are involved) is a sort of short cut or temporary access to the dimension.

Much art, music and writing is created spontaneously, as if out of nowhere, and this is certainly a sixth dimensional characteristic – but most artists, musicians and writers only ‘visit’ rather than taking up residence.

This theme of creativity takes us on to the Seventh Dimension which is the realm of ‘creation’. We make things happen, but in the sixth dimension only ‘one by one’. In the seventh its about much bigger things.

It’s more ‘systemic’ than individual, about creating ‘whole’ systems or things that work as one entity. Far more complex than an individual manifestation.

Imagine envisaging a new type of living creature or complex biosystem, or a new ‘culture’ and just ‘bringing it about’.

Creation in its entirety happens in the Seventh Dimension.

Now there are very few people living on the planet who are seventh dimensional, at the lower levels of that consciousness and you can recognise them.

They are ‘out of this world’, ‘off their heads’, ‘crazy people’. Mostly they choose to be out of contact with the rest of humanity but if they do retain a presence they come up with really outrageous ideas and are usually ridiculed even by those with fifth dimensional consciousness.

Very little is known, obviously as we in the fourth, fifth or even sixth dimensions have little or no contact with them, about the upper Eighth and Ninth Dimensions.

Neale Donald Walsch describes ‘HEBs’ or Highly Evolved Beings, who probably start at the seventh and go through to the ninth. These can manifest in many forms and visit any of the other dimensions.

They may perform various roles possibly starting in the upper levels of the seventh as Spirit Guides who do not take three dimensional form and then Angels who can appear as three dimensional beings  and are here among us all the time.

The only thing you and I need to understand is that the purpose of each and every individuated Soul in the Universe is to experience and evolve through the dimensions.

As infinite beings in symbiosis with a three-dimensional host our one and only ‘purpose’ is to experience, which we do by making choices.

Our choices determine our experience and our experience determines our choices. We are not here to fulfil any higher divine ‘purpose’ other than that of experiencing what we experience.

Nothing ‘happens’ to us, it’s all determined by the choices we make. Sadly, very few people understand that and allow their choices to be influenced by others or attempt to influence others’ choices.

It’s all about choices and experiences, nothing else.

Although there are an infinite number of Soul individuations, there is still ‘only one of us’ as Walsch explains and that brings me to the final Tenth Dimension.

As we gain experience from time to time some evolve into tenth dimensional consciousness. This is the dimension of ‘one-ness’ where we cease to be individually conscious beings, part of the ‘great link’ I mentioned last time.

We can however go ‘back’ for more experience (at this higher level of evolution) so we’re not ‘stuck’ when we get there.

However, should it come to pass that all the Soul individuations arrive in the tenth dimension at the same moment, than the Universe will implode back into the first dimension, explode in a second ‘big bang’, and start the process again with all the individuations ‘different’.

Because the Universe is infinite this seems improbable but as Douglas Adams would have put it, improbability is also infinite.

Perhaps the Tenth Dimension is the ‘Restaurant at the End of the Universe’!