Lost Souls

Lost Souls 150 150 Ben Coker

Lost Souls

I’ve been discussing multi dimensionality and talking about different dimensions of consciousness; the next thing is to explain the journey of the Soul and how that fits in, together with the concept of ‘timeline’, something much beloved of science fiction writers.

As I have said many times before (along with others such as Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor) you and I are infinite beings existing in symbiosis with a physical embodiment. As Souls, we are not in fact ‘inside’ our body, rather we envelop it creating an aura around it.

With humans this co-operative state may gone so far that ‘man’ cannot live without the ‘protection’ of a Soul. Souls live through other creatures, but the connection may not be so intimate.

The ‘big question’ is of course ‘why are we here’ and Neale Donald Walsch explains this thoroughly.

You and I are ‘here’ in this ‘life’ on this planet to ‘experience’ something. But it is more than just a ‘go with the flow’ ‘see what happens’ type of experience. It has an objective.

The phrase “I am the Way, the Truth and the Light” sums it up well.

The ‘Way’ is our purpose, but not as much a purpose to achieve some sort of goal other than to just experience the Truth of that Way and bring ‘Light’ to its meaning.

Why? So we can absorb this into the collective knowledge and understanding of all Souls as if the Universe, of which we are all part, is carrying out some kind of universal, every which way, ‘what if?’ experiment.

You and I have our own individual ‘Way’. The strange thing is that although we decide what our Way is to be before we enter each incarnation, we then seem to spend much of our lives attempting to remember what that was!

The Way defines the ‘purpose’ of the journey we take from the time we incarnate (a few months before we are ‘born’) and we can choose in any lifetime to abort that journey if we find it not to our liking.

We can choose to ‘die’, not by ‘suicide’ although that does happen, but we can chose to contract whatever disease is going around at the time or to cease our existence in some other more three dimensional way.

‘Death’ simply means that we go back to being a ‘free spirit’ or disembodied Soul and give ourselves the opportunity to have another go or take up one of the other options available to us as individuated Souls.

When we die – or cease to exist as a human ‘being’ – we are not ‘lost’, we merely ‘go home’; but we can very easily get ‘lost’ in life on Earth and the third or fourth dimensions are where it happens.

Three dimensional objects have no awareness and no power, unless we give them power.

When you or I become ‘attached’ to an object in any way such as seeing it as an ‘essential item’ or a symbol (memorabilia, souvenirs) or a work of art into which we have put our ‘heart and Soul’, we ‘imprint’ a fragment or ‘facet’ of our Soul into the object – we ‘lose’ part of our Soul in that object.

You and I in this way ‘leave’ parts of our Soul in the third dimension. The good news is that it can be recovered but as most people are unaware of what’s going on, they do end up diminished.

If you are a ‘creative’ and for any reason any  of your work is destroyed, deliberately or accidentally, even after you transition from this incarnation, then the soul facet you have ‘invested’ in its creation is lost. Again, it can be recovered but the process is more complex.

The deliberate destruction of books and works of art, as is usually fully understood by the people who instigate it, is a direct attack on the Soul of the creator.

You can also lose your Soul in the fourth dimension.

Your personal experience – your Way – is not part of anyone else’s, and their Way is not part of yours.

No two Souls can be on the same Way.

They may be close, and paths may cross, but however close, in whatever respect, any connection exists between two or more Souls each one has it’s own Way, it’s own journey to experience, its own Truth and its own Light.

Now part of your Way, or mine, may be to influence, manage or lead others, but it is not to ‘control’ them or subjugate them to your will unless it is part of their Way to experience this.

Some people will see you as their ‘leader’ and give you their loyalty, but others’ Way may be to resist you, and the ‘trick is, in being a successful ‘leader’ in any context, to understand that.

The danger is that in our encounters with others in any situation we will either ‘give in’ to them or ‘take them over’. These represent danger to our personal Way and we must not attempt to compromise our Way or seek them to change, but to look inside ourselves for clarification of our own purpose, meaning of life, and Way.

If we fail to do this, we become lost. We lose our Way and become subsumed in theirs which also usually corrupts their Way.

We ‘forget’ who and what we are and where and why we are going.

We are truly ‘lost’ and it’s only when we realise it that we can be brought back to our Way. Its very rare that Souls who become lost like this can recover by themselves, it usually requires a third party to ‘get them back’.

Next time I’m going to consider the ‘timeline’ – the original Universal ‘blockchain’!