Immortal Souls

Immortal Souls 150 150 Ben Coker

Immortal Souls

Last time I posed the question ‘Why are we here?’

It’s a question most people, including you and I, ask ourselves from time to time.

‘What’s the point?’

Before we can really address or understand this, we need to know who and what ‘we’ are

Mary Morrissey describes us as “infinite beings undertaking a physical experience”, similar to how Neale Donald Walsch describes us in his ‘Conversations with God’ books.

There are two distinct ‘parts’ to you and me, but most people only understand one side of the story.

There is the ‘human’ side which is the third dimensional, physical, mammalian side and there is the ‘being’ or as Mary would put it “be-ing” side, which is our ‘Soul’ or ‘Spirit’.

The spiritual side is who you and I really are – inside, Well, more accurately ‘outside’ as the ‘body’ is enveloped by the Soul rather than the other way around.

Many people can see ‘auras’ around people, sometimes coloured but usually as an ‘envelope’ of pale light energy.

More people are aware of ‘something about’ a particular person when they enter a room; it’s often called ‘charisma’ but it’s the same thing.

It’s not that some people ‘have it’ and some don’t, everyone has charisma, it’s just a matter of ‘turning it n’ so others become aware.

Our body and our Soul exist ‘as one’ during our current ‘life’ but the Soul is eternal or immortal whereas the body is not.

The ‘whole story’ of why we are here is well explained in Walsch’s four books but his basic premise which makes a great deal of sense to me is this:

We are here to enjoy the ride.

Imagine the experience of coming into a life on Earth as visiting a theme park. You might have come to experience a certain ride or a series of rides.

If you watch some people, they are clearly experiencing the same ride over and over again – the ‘Groundhog Day’ syndrome – others go from one ride to another and maybe back again during the whole ‘day’ they are here. Then when they decide they’ve had enough’, they leave – or ‘die’.

You and I are here for an experience, an experience that makes us fell happy, joyful and contented (the higher levels of consciousness described by David Hawkins).

As Souls we decide what experience we want and enter the world theme park through choosing parents who we reckon will point us in the right direction.

The thing is though when we arrive, we don’t remember what experience we chose so part of the ‘game of life’ is to rediscover the choices we made before arrival.

Which makes ‘why am I here’ a particularly valid question!

We aren’t here to ‘learn something’, to ‘make a difference’, to ‘do good’ or anything else unless it’s what we chose to experience in this lifetime.

The important thing is to understand we aren’t here to serve someone else’s purpose, only our own, whatever that might be, and if we’re not ‘enjoying life’ to the full then we’re not doing what we came for.

We’re on the wrong ‘ride’, we need to stop and get off, rediscover our purpose in coming here and find the path we intended to follow.

If things aren’t going ‘right’ for us we’re going the wrong ‘way’, or we’re on someone else’s.

We need to find and follow our own Way.

When Jesus of Nazareth said (reportedly) “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” he wasn’t prescribing a path others should follow, he was just stating he knew where he was going.

But what about the ‘after-life’? What happens next?

All living organisms are linear, they are born or germinate, they live, and then they die, but ‘beings’ are eternal and infinite.

I’ve written many times before about there being ‘only one of us’ but this is about our individuated souls, the specific ‘bit’ of the Universe that you and I are. What do you or I do next?

We make a choice.

To reincarnate and revisit this, or maybe another, ‘theme park’ for more new interesting and enjoyable experiences or we can do other things. (en-joy-able = joy-enable)

We can serve another Soul on their journey in life as a ‘Sprit Guide’, we can ‘Watch Over’ those in our ‘family’ who are still ‘down in the park’ give them advice directly or through a ‘medium’.

We can choose the role of an ‘Angel’ and ‘drop in’ from time to time on different ‘people’ going through the ‘park’ to give extra help and guidance – different from a Spirit Guide who stays with one individual throughout ‘life’.

There are other things we can choose and other states in which we continue to exist – but just as there is no ‘beginning’, there is no ‘end’. Occasionally we find our spiritual selves playing two roles simultaneously because we aren’t constrained by the human concept of ‘time’.

The key thing to understand is the massively significant difference between ‘living’ and ‘being’. We do these at the same ‘time’ but one is finite or ‘mortal’ and the other eternal, infinite or ‘immortal’.

And just one more thing, we as living beings don’t need to follow any ‘code’ to protect our ‘immortal soul’ (as some people would have us believe). It’s the other way around.

It’s our Soul which makes us who we really are.