Practical Philosophy

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Practical Philosophy

So, we start the second five years of my weekly message. As I said it will be a bit different.

Instead of the random insights written a few days before each Wednesday (although there may still be some of them) what I write will be based on the structure of my Life Mastery – Now! webspace. (

Also, the email I send out will be a video rather than the text, but this can be found on my personal website – along with the other 260 insights started in 2015.

There will also be other series based loosely’ on ‘business’ and on what I ‘do for a living’, namely aspects of coaching and therapy.

This week though, I’m going to tell you a little about me and ‘what makes me tick’

I describe myself as a ‘Practical Philosopher’ – but what do I mean? And what s ‘philosophy’ exactly – isn’t it just arguing the finer points of some not very meaningful esoteric topic?

Philosophers, going back to the Ancient Greeks and beyond do tend to talk a lot, and write a lot – and they also come up with some really good ideas.

Philosophers are essentially ‘ideas men and women’ because when it comes to putting any of their great ideas into practice that’s someone else’s job, they don’t really do anything much.

Yes, I may be being unfair to one or two, but just a few.

Being a ‘Practical Philosopher’ is all about, as it says in my tag line, ‘Turning Ideas into Results’.

It’s also about creating the ideas in the first place, and I’m not just talking about my ideas here – I help you turn your ideas into results and to create them.

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality” – this quote has been attributed to Steven Covey, Robin Sharma, and I heard it from Mary Morrissey, but it goes back much further than that, beyond the Bible and beyond Buddha.

Take the chair you’re sitting on, before it was created as a three dimensional chair, someone had to design it or in other words create it in their mind – and the same goes for everything else.

Practical Philosophy and Turning Ideas into Results encapsulate just that.

I also describe myself as a ‘Professor of Life Mastery’ – what do I mean by that?

I’m not a ‘professor’ or head of department at any educational institution, just as a ‘captain of industry’ doesn’t hold a rank in any army or navy.

To ‘profess’ is to put forward your views and beliefs – as a ‘professor of life mastery’ I am simply stating that I believe in what I am doing. Not that I have all the answers, or I know everything there is to know. I am still learning. ‘Professing’ is perhaps about going forward, whereas ‘confessing is about looking back.

I am passionate about what I do and over the next few weeks I’ll be explaining further, today I’m just setting the scene. The index page of will give you a sneak preview of some of what is to come.

Thanks for your interest and thanks for listening.