Conversations With God

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Conversations With God

If you’ve been following my insights over the past couple of years, you’ll have seen references to Neale Donald Walsch’s book trilogy plus one entitled ‘Conversations with God’.

Whether you believe in a God or not is immaterial, but you may have noticed most (if not all) religions are founded on various Prophets’ ‘conversations with God’; Moses, Jesus and Mohammed to name a few, and many other Saints, Prophets and ‘Holy’ men and women (such as Jeanne d’Arc) have also described these encounters.

Walsch, in the form of a ‘conversation’ continuing throughout the four books explains how this works going into deeper layers of detail in the progression from Book One to Book Four which is subtitled ‘Awaken the Species’

This last book incidentally reminded me of the scenario put forward by Arthur C Clarke in his book ‘Childhood’s End’ – a theme used by several science fiction writers over the years.

When you embark on your ‘Life Mastery’ journey, when you start to build the ‘foundation’ for mastering your life; you’ll find the principles described by Walsch as part of what I call the ‘Fundamentals’ of Life Mastery.

I’ve used the phrase in the past (which comes from the books) “There is only one of us” and this is a key concept to get hold of.

‘There is only one Universe’ is a difficult idea for people to accept, as has been the statement ‘There is only one God’. I think it’s the word ‘only ‘interjected in the statement that causes the confusion. It’s the same issue people have with the word ‘unique’.

For some reason most people have a problem with the idea there is just ‘one’ of anything. Given the way we are taught to perceive the world and how it is supposed to work, ‘singularity’ is difficult for most people.

But if there is only ‘one’ of us, then what about you?

Do you exist as a separate entity or are you part of ‘me’?

Part of the ‘one’ of ‘us’?

Walsch has a well thought through explanation for this, which relates to the ‘big bang’ theory, of a universe created by God out of God. God is the universe and the universe and every part of it is God.

I’m using the word God here because it’s easy, I could use ‘Source’, ‘the Force’, a ‘higher power’, any other name for God you care to choose (Jehovah, Allah, Zeus or any of the ‘chief’ gods of different pagan religions) there is only one, and it’s the same entity or concept.

God, or Source, or Spirit or whatever is not a separate entity of any kind.

God is everything and everything is God. All religious texts say that somewhere.

Walsch explains this with the idea of ‘individuation’.

You and I (and everything else) are ‘individuated’ fragments of the universe, fragments of God.

You and I are each unique and there are an infinite number of ‘us’ – all forming part of the singular ‘one’ of ‘us’.

It’s interesting how people have a similar problem grasping the idea of ‘infinite’, as they do ‘unique’ but that’s another story

As Mary Morrissey puts it, you and I are infinite beings existing in or inhabiting a finite physical being, a sort of symbiotic relationship with our temporary three-dimensional self.

This explanation of the ‘human condition’ is supported by a number of other ‘teachers’ such as Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale and to me it makes a lot of sense which is why I place it as one of the fundamentals in understanding how to master our lives.

There is much, much more in Walsch’s books and extensive guidance and explanation of what life is and the purpose of our being here

A lot more on the ‘why’ of life, which of course is key to understanding how to master it. I will delve into that next time.

Meanwhile I do strongly recommend you read (or re-read) at least Book One.