One is One

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One is One

I’ve referred before to Neale Donald Walsch’s statement “There is only One of Us” and explained every ’individual’ person, or Soul, is an ‘individuation’ of the Universe, or ‘higher power’ or God or The Divine whatever name you wish to give it.

That’s all very well, but how does it ‘work’?

I think the question is answered in another of my ‘key books’ – ‘Zero Limits’ by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len the Hawaiian psychotherapist and proponent of the practice of Ho’oponopono.

It would take far too long to go into all the details of what Ho’oponopono is and how it works but it may help to translate its meaning which is ‘to cause perfection’.

To put things very simply Dr Len uses the technique to ‘clean’, some might prefer the word ‘clear’, toxins and ‘imperfections’ from himself and the patients he works with.

In this sense toxins mainly refers to toxic thoughts or memories which may have arisen during someone’s lifetime or during past lives or arrived through the chain of ancestry.

In a sense it encompasses the modalities of Soul Realignment, Family Constellation and RTT but it deals with ‘the self’ at a much more basic level.

This is where Len lines up with Walsch.

In Ho’oponopono the ‘self’ is a function of ‘The Divine’ and he sees the self as having four levels: The Divine, the superconscious, the conscious and the subconscious which others might describe as the higher power or Source, the Soul or spirit, the conscious (human) mind and the subconscious or 5th dimensional mind wherein all is stored.

The ancient Hawaiian belief is we are at all times ‘one’ with our past selves, our current self and the others around us, our ancestors and the divine spirit, which some may call God.

More modern religions have the idea we should aspire to be ‘at one’ with God and to do so atone for ‘our sins’ and the ethic of Ho’oponopono is not far from this except to say we are already at one with the Divine and rather than ‘doing penance’ all we need to do is ‘clean’ on the thoughts. beliefs and ‘memories’ leading to whatever we may perceive may be ‘wrong’ in our own or others existence.

It’s taken me quite a while and a long journey to get my head around this concept.

It’s all very well understanding there is only one of us but when you add the realisation this is for all time and indeed there is no time the idea that every’one’ who ever existed, exists and is ‘yet to exist’ is all just one entity in one time and space, a lot of things fall into place.

Like many other spiritual practices, which in effect are all the same, Ho’oponopono leads to a state of ‘enlightenment’ which Dr Len refers to as ‘Zero’ or being ‘at Zero’.

Unlike other practices it doesn’t involve a great deal of ritual or long periods of meditation and can be done simultaneously with everyday activities. It works on a granular level, dealing with one ‘issue’ or topic at a time.

This technique of ‘Causing Perfection’ can be applied to manifestation as well as to the removal of limitations including illnesses and toxic situations.

The thing is this is all done through the understanding of there only being ‘one’ entity – we are all part of the same ‘one’ – which includes everything which exists on the planet and off it.

Learning how to use Ho’oponopono takes some months and a few big shifts in our understanding of ‘the way things are’.

Once we understand, we realise they aren’t and there are far more possibilities than we’d previously understood.

I’ve been talking about the foundation of Life Mastery and next time I’m going to wrap up with a few final pieces of the puzzle that might set you (us) on the way to individual and collective freedom which is what Life Mastery is all about.