Sod’s Law!

Sod’s Law! 150 150 Ben Coker

Sod’s Law!


“If anything can go wrong, it will!”

So states the legendary ‘Sod’s Law’ of life.

But what does it mean? What do you and I understand by something ‘going wrong’?

Something unexpected happens

Something stops ‘working’

Things just don’t go ‘according to plan’

And so on . . .

But as you and I know only too well, things don’t ‘just happen’ – or not happen as the case may be.

There’s another saying – “Everything happens for a reason”

But this skips a step because things, although they seem to sometimes, don’t just ‘happen’ ‘out of the blue’ – there is a cause behind every ‘happening’.

You could say everything is caused for a reason

The thing is, and most people have no understanding of this, these ‘happenings’ aren’t caused by some third party, some other person or some higher power.

Whatever ‘happens’ to you and I is caused by you and I.

Maybe not consciously and maybe not directly, but always as a result of something you or I thought or did.

Some of the things which ‘go wrong’ may be the result of an action we carried out at some time having a ‘ripple down’ effect on something else – which then ‘went wrong’

They may also be the result of a thought, perhaps inadvertent, recently or some time ago.

I know I say this a lot but we must be really careful what we wish for and what we’re thinking about on a daily basis.

The mind, in particular the subconscious mind, always carries out the orders we give it – whether we really intend them not – and it does exactly what it thinks we want it to do.

The thing is, it does it in it’s own timeframe, which can itself contribute to something ‘going wrong’.

Why is this?

There’s massive amount of data stored in the subconscious, everything we’ve ever done, thought, heard, seen, tasted and so on – and it structures all this into our personal set of beliefs, stories and experiences and feeds it back to our conscious mind in ‘easy to consume’ packages which influence our day to day behaviour.

Inevitably this causes unexpected mishaps – anything can go wrong, and it does.

It would seem perhaps you and I don’t stand a chance when it comes to coping with our subconscious carrying out the instructions it ‘thought’ we gave it but it’s only following the ‘rules’ we’ve created.

These rules come out of the beliefs, data and memories we’ve stored over the years, regardless of their usefulness to us.

What can we do about this?

How can we at least minimise the rate of ‘things going wrong’ we have to cope with?

On my computer I have emails that go back around 15 years. Compare that with all the ‘memories’ or date held in your subconscious since you were born or even before.

It would be impossible to go through and ‘delete’ everything you don’t need any more but there is a way you and I can ‘clean up’ all this stuff both generally and if necessary, specifically.

You and I need to be free of this accumulated garbage and as a practitioner in both Ho’oponopono and Soul Realignment I spend time doing this with and for my clients.

I’ll not go into the details of how these modalities work and what they do except to say Ho’oponopono deals with the general ‘cleaning’ and Soul Realignment with the specifics.

But there is one thing you and I can do without employing these techniques

We have to be really clear in our conscious minds about our intentions.

Intentions arise from the inspiration we receive to do something to realise some result – the ‘thoughts into things’ process

We receive lots of inspiration but not all of it becomes an intention.

Intention is the ‘starter’ for the process of turning an inspiration into a result – we create the intention to turn the thought into the thing.

Provided the intention is really clear then the likelihood of ‘Sod’s Law’ (the result of all the ‘stuff’ in your subconscious) coming into play is much reduced.