It’s Not Linear

It’s Not Linear 150 150 Ben Coker

It’s Not Linear

I first encountered a clear explanation of what I’m about to discuss in the first episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9, when ‘The Prophets’, which Neale Donald Walsch might describe as Highly Evolved Beings (HEB’s) explain to Benjamin Cisco, commander of the space station, the non-linearity of time.

(Worth watching, ‘if you have the time’ )

I’ve already covered this – at least as regards time and it occurred to me not only is time not linear, neither is anything else.

In the previous insight I talked about sequence, our lives are not passage of time but a sequence of events as I said, “taking place one after another”.

This was misleading and I apologise, because I implied, by saying so, the sequence is linear.

The thing is, humanity has an obsession with linearity.

Past present and future, sizes and shapes, the life cycle, are all expressed in linear terms. We talk about the three ‘dimensions’ of length, breadth and depth as if we lived in a cubic world.

We don’t – we live in a spherical world, a world of circles, orbits and rotation – at every level of the Universe.

(I wonder if other sentient beings on this planet live by this linearity concept)

To fly from London to Tokyo is not a straight line, it’s a curve and if we kept on going, we’d be back where we started.

We may decide to ‘break the journey’ but there is no beginning or end to the ‘line’ we travelled.

Now, back to that ‘sequence of events’, which brings me to the question ‘Why?’

Why do we do what we do, why do we carry out our various sequences?

Remember ‘Everything is created twice’?

You or I conceive a purpose, something we wish to achieve. We have a clear idea and understanding of what our purpose is.

It may be to get fit, perhaps to pass an exam, or to create an asset, physical or intellectual, it may even just be to get a good night’s sleep.

We have our purpose, so we carry out a sequence of events or actions to fulfil it,

And we do – but ‘where’ on that presumed ‘linear’ journey are we?

We’re back where we started – except whatever we conceived as our intention has become ‘real’.

In fact, it was just as ‘real’ when it was an intention, especially if the outcome achieved was not just to create or assemble something ‘physical’.

Of course, we may not quite have achieved the target, what comes out at the ‘end’ of the sequence may not be ‘quite’ the same as we envisaged, sometimes, more often than not, it’s actually ‘better’ than what we first thought of.

This or something better” as Mary Morrissey would say.

The present ‘is’, the future ‘was’, the past ‘will be’ – that took me some time to get my head around until it was explained: before making breakfast it’s in the future, when eating it, in the present, and after it’s finished, in the past.

Think about it!

There’s only one event – eating breakfast, making it and clearing up are separate events, separate intentions, but we express it in three linear states, past, present and future.

Don’t forget conceiving the idea of having breakfast in the first place. The progress is not linear with a beginning and an end on a straight line, it’s a circle.

You and I cause things to come into being by ‘thinking’ them up. No thing happens or is created without the original thought – with which you or I can make anything happen.