“To Infinity and Beyond!”

“To Infinity and Beyond!” 150 150 Ben Coker

“To Infinity and Beyond!”

Buzz Lightyear has a lot to answer for.

Generations of children have grown up with the belief there is something ‘beyond’ infinity.

It may seem light-hearted, but it has created a serious misconception about the universe, reflected in many science fiction stories as well.

Now, I’m usually a fan of Sci-Fi but the idea of ‘multiple’ universes has now crept in to scientific or perhaps mathematical research, attempting to prove, by manipulation of numbers, they exist.

There is only ‘one’ universe and it is infinite – the trouble is by using the terms ‘one’ and ‘it’, even I am implying there might be more.

An example of where our use of the concept of number leads us astray.

The universe IS and is infinite.

As earthbound beings we have a fixation with order and logic and numbers, shape and distance, time and space. Everything has to be in its place and under control.

But like ‘The Prisoner’ the universe “will not be pushed, filed, indexed, stamped . . . or numbered” it’s ‘life’ is its own and it’s not easy to bring order and control to something infinite.

Other sentient beings on this planet are far too intelligent to attempt it; instead, they ‘go with the flow’.

Philosophers and scientists have forever been attempting to ‘make sense’ of the universe and our lives as part of it so they can bring order and control to our lives.

We, humanity, have invented time, space, dimensions and all sorts of other concepts, especially the idea of linearity which I’ve discussed before.

There I go again, ‘before’ and ‘after’ – bringing in linearity and time to ‘make sense’ of things.

We talk about ‘the creation’ whether this was an act of God or some sort of ‘big bang’; but what if there was no ‘creation’ of the Universe?

No ‘beginning’ and no ‘end’?

Nothing to see here, move along. . .”

Wouldn’t it make things so much more simple?

You see, we don’t have to make things so complicated by ordering, categorising, measuring, timing and everything else we do to gain ‘understanding’.

We could just accept things as they are, couldn’t we?

I have a sign on my desk given to me by Bob Proctor – “It is what it is . . . accept it”

Learn to accept there is nothing wrong with chaos.

‘It’ doesn’t have to be tamed or ordered, measured or categorised. ‘It’ IS and there’s the end of it.

Of course, you’re probably now thinking ‘what on earth is he talking about?’

(I wonder myself sometimes – but this just flows through me)

Chaos is not a ‘bad thing’.

Chaos doesn’t need to be avoided

Chaos is the origin of things

Without chaos there would be no thing

When we ‘mastermind’ or ‘think outside the box’ we’re really engaging with chaos to come up with new ideas and solutions.

When we do things ‘randomly’ and find something we didn’t expect – chaos again.

‘It happened out of the blue’, clearly, chaos is blue!

But then we mess up. We impose order, we bring ‘chaos’ into line (linearity) not realising chaos is far more powerful in manifesting our thoughts, wishes and visions then working out the what and how and when and who and where of bringing things about.

Chaos is infinite, order is not and we cannot control infinity.

Everything is energy and energy, Wallace Wattles’ ‘thinking stuff’ which ‘pervades the universe’ is every thing, every where

The very nature of energy is chaotic and if there is any ‘ordering’ to be done within the chaos you and I can see it all around us.

It doesn’t need to be classified or measured; just enjoyed and embraced.