FF05 How’s Your Security?

FF05 How’s Your Security? 150 150 Ben Coker

Friday Focus #5

How’s Your Security?

Welcome to Friday Focus. I want to talk about security, computer security.

With your computer you have protection, you have a firewall. You take care not to get viruses in your computer to make it go wrong.

And that’s all very well, that’s fine.

And on your phone you have a whole load of apps. And you install apps and you do that deliberately. Sometimes they get installed automatically for one reason or other. In the same way your computer may do upgrades to its operating system or whatever, but generally speaking, you and I have control over these things.

But what about this computer? (points to head)

What about this one? What about all the apps that are being installed in your head, whether you like it or not, unconsciously or consciously. What about all the paradigms that you’re picking up on day to day basis? When you watch TV, when you’re out and about, when you read the news, when you see things that are happening all the time, you’re picking up ideas, ways of thinking, being – paradigms, which are frameworks of how you do things.

And they’re very similar to just installing apps in your head all the time. And unless you’re very careful, you’ll take on ideas, paradigms, apps that cause you to behave in a certain way, cause you to speak in a certain way, cause you to do certain things or not do certain things.

And most people have very little control over any of that.

So the focus for today is just to think about the ideas that you’re installing. When you let all this stuff into your head during the day, when you’re listening to other people, when you’re in a meeting, when you’re in a networking group, when you’re watching TV, when you’re watching the news.

And advertisements, particularly. Most TV ads and all other advertising, is specifically designed to install an app in your head to make you buy that product or service they’re advertising. And if you don’t reject it, if you don’t put up a firewall around your head, around your mind, if you don’t have a filter to stop all these ideas coming in, they will.

And they get repeated over and over and over again, and they get installed in your head. So here’s what to think about. What ideas that aren’t yours? What other people’s Ideas, what insinuations, what propaganda, what processes, what apps, what paradigms are you taking on unconsciously, subconsciously, without even thinking about it, which most people do.


What I’m going to suggest you work on is putting up a firewall in your mind, putting up an antivirus system to stop this stuff that you don’t want getting in. And when you come across negative ideas and negative thoughts that you don’t agree with, just reject them, don’t let them in.

And then you’ll find yourself much more in control of who you are and what you do. So look out for those apps that are coming at you through your eyes, through your ears, all the time, every day, everywhere. See you next week.