Go With the Flow . . .

Go With the Flow . . . 150 150 Ben Coker

Go With the Flow . . .

Someone said to me a few days ago “Why don’t you just go with the flow; why do you have to make things difficult for yourself?”

I don’t remember what it was in relation to but may have had something to do with the concept of ‘retirement’ – an idea to which I do not subscribe!

The thing is . . .

So many people, unlike you or I, do live their lives just ‘going with the flow’.

The ‘mainstream’ flow is the ‘get an education, qualifications, get a job, get another job, watch TV, retire’ and so on type of lifestyle with maybe the odd ‘holiday’ thrown in from time to time.

And more times than not there’s no sense of purpose, no achievement to be realised except perhaps the odd ‘promotion’ or ‘award’ at work.

And the sad thing is that people like this have families, children and grandchildren who like them – go with the flow.

Because that is all they know.

That is what the ‘education’ system teaches them.

That is what the media tell them is the ‘right’ thing to do

And so on.

Now there are other ‘streams’ – most noticeably in recent years a ‘celebrity culture’ has been created – a bright shiny distraction for people to ‘admire’ or even aspire to. Although they know that they have no chance of crossing from their mainstream flow to the celeb flow.

The ‘celebrities’ also all seem to follow a similar lifestyle pattern – going with their flow.

But what about those, like you and I, who don’t want to follow the herd, who want to evade the sheepdogs keeping us ‘under control’?

When people are in the stream, being carried along, it’s not easy to get out. Even if they have ideas ‘beyond their station’. Even if they have a purpose. Even if they have ambitions, visions and dreams.

This is where you and I come in, those of us who are not being carried along but are creating our own journey under our own steam.

When you and I see people in the stream waving for help we can throw them a line.

They may take it, or they may decide they are still not ready – it’s a big, big step up onto the bank in many cases.

And if they do catch the line you and I have to help them out of the water, pull them up onto the shore, help them dry off, and help them discover where they really want to go and what they really want to be, do and have.

Then you and I can help get them started again, point them in the right direction, and help them on their new journey.

‘Standing on their own feet’ and making their own way – outside the ‘flow’.

But beware!

It’s very easy to get drawn back into the ‘flow’ – it doesn’t like escapees. It will try and drag you back, pull you in, and take you away to somewhere where you don’t want to be.

You and I need to make sure we have firm anchors on the dry land so that we can get out again when necessary.

And we need to help each other from being dragged back in when, as it does from time to time, ‘stuff’ happens. As the person I was talking to implied – it’s not always ‘easy’ outside the flow.

Watch out for the people calling for help – throw them a line.

Watch out for those slipping or being dragged back in – haul on their anchor ropes and help them back.

And stay alert and focused on your purpose.

Or the flow will get you!

Stay safe on shore this week.