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#Freedom from #Impostor Syndrome

I wrote about this disruptive condition in my weekly newsletter a couple of weeks ago and explained in more detail how there are only a few people unaffected by it at some time or other in their lives.

As I said in the newsletter it’s quite difficult to pin down the root cause and unfortunately there is no one answer we can apply for everyone. It’s not an ‘illness’ so there’s no treatment, vaccine or ‘pill’ we can prescribe to get rid of it.

It’s also very difficult to deal with it alone. A ‘diy’ approach could cause even more ‘problems’ and may be counter productive. What is needed is what therapists and counsellors call ‘an intervention’. It’s not a term I particularly like as it makes the process which needs to be followed sound simple, but in reality an intervention could be a long and detailed process.

Believe me, impostor syndrome is by no means easy to eliminate, but it can be done. There are three steps. First to understand the root cause and then to trace the journey we took to get from ‘there’ to ‘here’ and then to establish a new way of thinking and feeling so we can prevent it in the future.

We can’t effectively do this by ourselves but need coaching, therapy and mentoring to make it happen. Personally, it took me around seven years to achieve this and I know through my own experience how to help. Book a clarity call at if you want to know more.

Wherever we are in life and whatever level of this anomaly we’re experiencing we need to deal with it to make the progress we’re looking for.

What Is The Freedom Academy?

Problem Solving and Opportunity Development

The Freedom Academy provides coaching, therapy, and learning. We have lots of resources you can use and will be holding many evets you can attend. Our learning and coaching programmes span three levels: ‘Learning’ (the basics), ‘Development’ (advanced level) and ‘Transformation’ (the ‘graduate’ level). In other words, the ‘what’, the ‘why’, and the ‘how’ of life.

You can join on a ‘one-off’ basis taking one programme at a time, or you can become a member when you’ll get a set of programmes and resources available to you depending on your level. Even when you just register for free you get access to parts of the Academy.

Our mission is to free you from the constraints of the third dimension and introduce you to what you can achieve in the fourth and fifth and beyond. We’d love to have you on board.