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Groundhog Day – when every day seems to repeat itself, when we find ourselves seemingly on a hamster wheel, following the ‘same old, same old’ routine day after day. To some extent we all experience this, and we do it by choice because its reassuring, or comforting to know how each day is going to unfold. It feels safe.

But, at the same time, although giving us some ‘certainty’ it also creates uncertainty. “What could I be doing today instead of this boring work, this tedious commute, this seemingly ‘dead end’ job or role. When will it all end?”

Why do we get into this situation? It’s because of the choices and decisions we make which – don’t get me wrong – are probably the right thing to do, the right way to g, at the time. I know, I’ve done it more than once (or twice . . .). The trouble is we either don’t think it through fully or we don’t have all the information we need to make a long term arrangement.

To get ‘out’ of the routine and off the hamster wheel before it develops into drudgery we need to make another decision – the decision to stop, and at the same time create a vision of where we want to go next.

Monday Mastermind

Starting in June The Freedom Academy will be presenting an ongoing series of 20 minute free mastermind broadcasts on topics relevant to personal freedom. There will be four themes, broadly related to energy and the dimensions, the ‘balance sheet’ of living, the keys to personal freedom and emerging technology. T find out what we mean by all this please do attend the webinars. They will be on Monday mornings (GMT) with 10 minutes available for questions – half an hour in all. Watch out for the schedule on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other media

What Is The Freedom Academy?

Problem Solving and Opportunity Development

The Freedom Academy provides coaching, therapy, and learning. We have lots of resources you can use and will be holding many evets you can attend. Our learning and coaching programmes span three levels: ‘Learning’ (the basics), ‘Development’ (advanced level) and ‘Transformation’ (the ‘graduate’ level). In other words, the ‘what’, the ‘why’, and the ‘how’ of life.

You can join on a ‘one-off’ basis taking one programme at a time, or you can become a member when you’ll get a set of programmes and resources available to you depending on your level. Even when you just register for free you get access to parts of the Academy.

Our mission is to free you from the constraints of the third dimension and introduce you to what you can achieve in the fourth and fifth and beyond. We’d love to have you on board.