To Do or Not To Do?

To Do or Not To Do? 150 150 Ben Coker

To Do or Not To Do?

Why ‘To Do’ lists stop you ‘Doing’

It was my friend and mentor Peter Thomson who told me about ‘To do’ lists

When designing my dreams and visions I’d always visualised things in the present tense, writing down “I am” instead of “I will”. And I understood the concept of living in the present ‘in the now’ instead of in ‘tomorrow’ or ‘yesterday’.

But I hadn’t applied it to the list of actions I was engaged in taking. Probably a throwback to my project management days when we had to do certain things before we could start on others – I’ developed, when it came to taking action – doing things – a ‘timeline mentality.

In the video I explain what this has to do with the much loved ‘to do list’ and why you need to make a change if you are going to get those things done.