You Can Be Younger

You Can Be Younger 150 150 Ben Coker

You Can Be Younger

Ignore Your Birth Certificate

Your Birth Certificate may well state your ‘date of birth’ but it doesn’t say how ‘old’ you are.

Marisa Peer in her book (same title as this post) explains our ‘age’ depends on several factors – and it can vary – but it is not, unless we want it to be, our chronological age. Just because you were born in 1960 doesn’t mean in 2022 you are ’62 years old’. We use the term ‘years of age’ but it would be better if we said ‘years of life’ because our life has little to do with our age after we’re about 15 years in.

‘Age’ depends on our biological state, our emotional state, and our psychological state. They way we ‘are’ physically, the way we think and the way we behave – we can be whatever age we like . . .