How Does Time ‘Work’?

How Does Time ‘Work’? 150 150 Ben Coker

How Does Time ‘Work’?

Is ‘time’ the original ‘blockchain’

You and I make great use of the word ‘time’. We measure and record all sorts of things – pretty much everything we choose to do or don’t choose to do. We use time to record what happens – one event after another.

But isn’t that also what we do with a blockchain? A blockchain is a computer database (well it is now – mostly) we use to record events of transactions which happen in sequence – just like time.

And of course, just like time these events and transactions cannot be undone, altered, deleted and so on. What happens in time and what happens in a blockchain can only be reversed or altered through another event or transaction. ‘The blockchain’ as it is commonly incorrectly called is nothing new.