What’s Your Mindset?

What’s Your Mindset? 150 150 Ben Coker

What’s Your Mindset?

‘Fixed’ or ‘Growth’?

In her book ‘Mindset’ Dr Carol Dweck describes two mindset types, ‘Fixed’ and ‘Growth’ and how everyone has a tendency towards one of them – not completely exclusive but definitely predominant.

It makes a great deal of sense and explains much of what goes on in the world especially as most state education systems, and political and religious organisations have a very strong tendency towards the fixed mindset. The ‘status quo’ or “this is the way we do things around here” attitude.

Growth mindsets however describe the innovators and the problem solvers, the “there must be a way” attitude. In my opinion unfortunately the majority of people seem to be stuck in the fixed mindset way of life, not surprising as it is what most of us have been taught.