The Money-Freedom Paradigm

The Money-Freedom Paradigm 150 150 Ben Coker

The Money-Freedom Paradigm

Do we have it completely wrong about money?

There is a lot of focus on ‘Money’. Lack of it, excess of it, the ‘prices’ or ‘costs’ of goods and services. What money really is and what might be the alternatives.

Money is an old, even ancient, idea. Is it past it’s sell by date?

You see, when push comes to shove, if we think about it deeply, ‘money’ isn’t what we want. All we can do with it is exchange it for something else (unless we decide to burn it, melt it down or use it to paper the walls)

What you and I need to understand and get to grips with, is what is this ‘something else’ we need but maybe don’t realise we want?