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The Enemy of Change?

What is it holding us back from incremental and significant change in our society?

It’s about time we stopped expecting our elected and unelected politicians to be able to do, fix, or change anything.

Having been one, albeit at a low level and not connected with any particular faction or party, I know how difficult it is to make things happen or stop anything happening.

You see, we don’t live in a democracy. We may use  some form of democracy to elect our representatives but to whom are they ‘representing’ us?

Originally it was to ‘the powers that be’ – a monarch or some other hereditary or appointed autocrat, maybe a ‘Lord of the Land’ or a Baron. There were and in some places still are such ‘authorities’ but today in most countries our elected representatives interface with ‘the State’. But what IS the State?

It’s not the Monarchy in those countries who have them and it’s not the ‘Government’, elected or otherwise – it’s the bureaucracy. It’s the ‘bureaucrats’ who ultimately decide what can or cannot be done, and when it can be done if at all.

The bureaucrats are the people we call ‘Civil Servants’ or government and council ‘Officers’.

A few hundred years ago they were appointed by the monarch or head of state to implement his or her policies and over a long period of time an apparatus of ‘government’ has been built up whose ultimate and underlying purpose is ‘control’.

Processes and ‘ways of doing things’ have been devised and entrenched in the whole structure and method of how different countries and states or provinces within them ‘work’. These processes and systems operate in such a way it’s very difficult to change, alter, amend, or evolve.

A few years ago there was a comedy series called ‘Yes Minister’, later ‘Yes Prime Minister’ which portrayed what ‘really’ happens in the process of ‘government’. The Prime Minister of the day, one Margaret Thatcher, publicly stated this was no comedy but an accurate representation of what really went on in the ‘corridors of power’.

Never mind making promises to the public about what they intend to do, politicians have no real power to do anything radical or anything rapidly unless and until they can get the bureaucrats who really run the country to buy into it.

In my experience at local level, ideas and requirements from the elected councillors were ‘shelved’ for a while on some grounds of impossibility and maybe later resurrected as initiatives of a particular bureaucratic department if it was believed it was in their interest.

It’s not about politics, political parties or values and it’s not about representation. Not at all about ‘government of the people, by the people and for the people’ but about control of the people within systems and processes devised by bureaucrats who have achieved their positions by being in the right place at the right time and being known by the ‘right’ people.

This bureaucratic system has been going on for thousands of years and is a massive influence holding us, as the ‘human race’, back not only from effective practical changes in the way we do things but also from significant and ‘evolutionary’ change. But it has a major weakness, an Achilles heel, which up until recently has been difficult or impossible for ‘the people’ to penetrate and exploit while it has been supported by the current political system.

This weakness is ‘centralisation’ and the opportunity we now have to gain at least a measure of freedom (at least for now) from this bureaucratic system of government control is the opposite, known as ‘decentralisation’ which although it’s always been possible has been made practical by new technology.

Before I explain decentralisation though I need to cover something else which goes hand in hand with centralised government and I’ll go into this next time.

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