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Only One of Us

The Secret of who and What We Are

Before we discover the different behaviours I’ve identified over the years I need to explain this. Many people over the millennia have claimed to have had ‘conversations with God’. (We’ll discuss the concept of the ‘higher power’ another time – for the moment please ‘take it as read’)

One of the most recent is Neale Donald Walsch who published a series of books between 1995 and 2017 entitled ‘Conversations with God’. These were written in the form of a conversation with a different typeface for the two ‘participants’ and unlike previous writings of this type in a very clear style which needs very little, if any, ‘interpretation’.

Without going into detail of the four books, the message is there is only one entity in the Universe, the Universe itself and this is borne out in all ‘religious’ books if we interpret them properly. The Universe is infinite and consists entirely of what we call ‘energy’. Every-thing is energy and energy is everything.

Many eminent scientists including Einstein and Hawking have suspected this but it cannot be ‘scientifically proven’ as this would require there to be something other than energy to be able to ‘observe’ and ‘prove’ its existence from ‘outside’! All ‘matter’, us included, together with all ‘non-matter such as heat, light, thought, emotion and space is energy existing in different frameworks of vibration which have three ‘dimensions’ – frequency, wavelength and amplitude, the combinations of which are infinite.

‘Infinite’ is a difficult concept for many people. It means no beginning, no end and no boundaries. We three dimensional beings (energy forms) have some difficulty understanding this, but when we do, it all makes sense. Every ‘thing’ including us is continuous, there are no spaces in between. We have a concept of ‘space’ but its just a different representation of energy. From this the conclusion of Walsch’s books is “there is only one of us”. He explains how we are ‘individuations’ of the universe inhabiting physical energy entities for a specific ‘lifetime’ experience.

There’s a lot more to this and I probably need to write a book on it. We have courses on these concepts in more depth in the Freedom Academy, but now we’re aware of ‘what’ we really are and that we are ‘here’ for a specific purpose it will help to make sense of the different behaviours we exhibit on our way to fulfilling our purpose in life – whether we ‘know’ it or not!

Although I’ve spotted around 25 different behaviours they fall into four main groups and of course there is overlap depending on the context and circumstances of any situation. The names I’ve given them aren’t definitive and may change as I work through this.

The first group are the ‘quiet ones’. They have no idea about any of what I’ve been describing. They don’t know and don’t really care how the Universe works, who or what they are and any purpose they might have for being here, of which they are completely oblivious. They only ‘believe’ in whatever they are told which they take at face value without thinking. This group probably makes up the majority of the global population although gladly this number is beginning, slowly, to shrink as more people become more aware. The fusion between mind, body and spirit hasn’t really worked. These are fully three dimensionally focussed and only really understand the physical entity n which their spirit exists.

The second and third major groups are similar but unlike the first aren’t passive or by any means ‘quiet’. They make themselves heard. The difference between the two groups is their focus or direction. One looking outward and the other looking inward. One group is only concerned with ‘what’s in it for me’ personally, while the other looks to change everyone else to make them conform to their particular ideas or beliefs. It’s an ‘everyone else is wrong, and it’s their fault’ culture.

The fourth group have individually more fully integrated the spiritual and physical elements of their being. Some fully, others to a lesser extent, with a very small number having essentially ‘let go’ of the physical ‘mind’ and fully embraced the spiritual. They still function as a ‘living’ being because the core functions of the physical body remain fully operational. This group don’t always fully understand but they do ‘know’ what’s going on and are able to make efforts to progress our evolution. Not by using the methods of the second and third groups but through more ‘benevolent’ processes.

Next time I’ll start to break these groups down into the different facets of ‘who they are’ and this will start to make more sense.

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