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The Quiet Ones

“The Silent Majority”

The vast majority of people on this planet have no idea (or very little) about what’s going on. You and I (and everyone else) are infinite spiritual entities inhabiting (temporarily) a physical body, which together make a ‘human being’. This is however, meaningless to the ‘quiet ones’ who just don’t realise this or have been conditioned or convinced this is ‘nonsense’.

The ’quiet ones’ believe whatever they are told by an ‘authority’ they recognise which may be a religious, governmental, political or media organisation. This doesn’t mean they necessarily agree with it, but they are in a trap, generally exploited by one or more of the aforementioned groups.

So who are these ‘quiet ones’?

The Silent – you probably won’t find these at a party or in the pub. They keep themselves to themselves and stay out of the way. Other than a close family group the rest of the world might not exist outside what they observe, usually with disapproval, on the TV (if they even have one). They aren’t on social media and aren’t involved with any groups or belief organisations. Their belief is they are just ‘ordinary people’ who ‘go about their business’ and have no aspiration to be anything else.

The Compliant follow ‘Plan A’. Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, retire, go to a care home. They do as they’re told, unaware they are ‘allowed’ to do anything else. They are more socially engaged than the Silent but generally think anyone not following Plan A is taking a huge risk or being entirely stupid. Some of their favourite phrases are “you’ll never be able to do that, “you’ll never amount to anything” and “you can’t do that”.

The Followers are a slight ‘step up’ from the first two groups. They copy and follow others basing their choices in life on what others do. They’re a little more adventurous but only experiment with things they’ve seen others do which have not seemed to them, to cause any adverse consequences. They stay on the ‘safe side’. They’re unlikely to ask any of those they may be quietly following for advice of any kind.

The Listeners are similar to the Followers. There’s another group of ‘listeners’ later who are more ‘active’ but this group, although they’re listening to what goes on, don’t really ‘hear’ what’s being said and only very rarely understand it properly. It’s ‘in one ear and out the other’ and they sometimes get overloaded into inaction. Unlike the Silent they do engage in conversation in a limited way usually by adding something they’ve heard somewhere else.

The Believers are the people who take everything at face value. As my grandmother used to say, “if it’s in the papers it must be true”. Nowadays it’s more likely to be the TV or social media as the arbiter of truth. Along with the next group these are the ones who maintain the status quo of whatever culture they inhabit and help implement any adjustments to the ‘way things are done round here’ the ‘powers that be’ may choose to make.

The Workers are the people who do the ‘work’, whatever form it may take, for someone else to help them achieve their goals. (They don’t work for themselves, only for others). They have variously been referred to as the peasants, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie depending on the type of activity or work they were carrying out.

There is clearly some overlap between these five groups. People may switch from one to another or be in more than one at the same time, but they stay in this ‘bubble’ who form the majority of the global population whether they know it or not.

There are two more groups of people here who don’t tend to overlap with the others quite as much. They are more often out on their own – out on a limb perhaps, not integrating a great deal with anyone else.

The Wanderers are continually searching for ‘something’ but have no idea what the ‘something’ might be. The thing is, if you don’t know what you’re looking for you have 100% certainty of finding it, whatever it might be, but probably won’t recognise you’ve found it when you do, because of course, it could be anything! This isn’t necessarily about geographical wandering although this is included but more about searching within the mind for something you can’t quite lay your finger on as the saying goes. It can start at any age and may go on for a lifetime or until someone else ‘finds’ you.

Finally, the Strangers have again, little or no idea what is going on. They aren’t ‘lost’ like the Wanderers but appear to be, and probably believe they are. Most likely they are in the wrong place (or on the wrong planet) at the wrong time in spiritual terms. They aren’t supposed to be here but have ‘arrived’ by mistake, disconnected with the rest of the world and tend to behave accordingly.

Take a look around, see who you can spot. I guarantee you will recognise and know many members of these groups. The question is, what can you and I do about it, do we want to, do we need to, and what might be the outcome if we did intervene – or should I say interfere?

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