“Act Your Age”

“Act Your Age” 150 150 Ben Coker

“Act Your Age”

I’m hearing this more frequently now, but instead of coming from people older than me when I was young, it now comes more often from people who are younger than me.

What does it mean?

And what is my ‘age’ anyway?

Apparently, you and I are supposed to ‘behave’ according to some sort of ‘template’ laying out how people ‘of a certain age’ and indeed of any age should behave.

It would seem that at younger ages one is ‘supposed’ to do things and behave in certain ways, we’re supposed to ‘grow up’ and act our age.

And at later ages it’s much the same. We’re not ‘supposed’ to dress like younger people, think like younger people or behave like younger people.

Once you and I get to that ‘certain age’ it seems we’re supposed to ‘retire gracefully’, not cause any ‘trouble’ and wait for the men in black coats carrying a big box.

But from my point of view I feel that I’m still the same individual that I was when I was 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and so on.

I have more knowledge and I’ve become wiser having gained a lot of experience in various things over those years.

But I’m not ‘older’.

For sure, the bodies that you and I live in do age and change shape over the years.

There was a recent news article that the human body can live for 115 to 125 years if it is well looked after

But what about the spirit, the soul, the ‘you’ or whatever you wish to call it, that occupies your body?

There are stories in many religious texts about people living for hundreds of years, nearly a thousand years in a few cases.

But what if that’s been misinterpreted, or mistranslated?

Perhaps those ‘people’, those ‘souls’, those ‘spirts’ actually occupied a series of human ‘earth suits’ rather than just one.

Who you and I are has nothing to do with our physical corporeal ‘age’.

You and I are independent of our ‘bodies’ – although we do need to look after it, to maintain it, to keep it going – for as long as we need it.

Until we are ready to ‘move on’

As a sideline, or perhaps an illustration, if this is the case then it should not be necessary for the spirit to be required to assume the gender of the body it finds itself in.

Or maybe the sprit has a gender and just gets put into the ‘wrong suit’?

But back to age.

I know many people who are physically younger then me but who ‘act’ older, and vice-versa.

They think that they should behave in a certain way.

Based on how their parents or other people behaved at ‘that age’

They dress like their parents or grandparents and do what their parents and grandparents did when they reached that ‘age’.

And they succumb to the ‘instructions’ given to them by the media, both in the ‘news’ and in advertising, as well as in popular drama programmes.

Societal and peer group pressure causes many people, probably most people, to ignore their internal ‘spiritual’ feelings and dreams and instead ‘act their age’, their corporeal age.

And it is an act that often causes stress, age related illnesses, and general deterioration.

The spirit is subsumed by the body. It allows the body to take over. It ‘gives up’.

‘Life’ is usually represented by a timeline – from birth to death – a linear progression.

I’ve talked about this before but I saw an interesting explanation recently of space-time; part of which explained that in the 4-dimensional space-time continuum our ‘life’ is not a progression through time. It’s the whole thing, the whole ‘timeline’ in one instance.

This idea takes a bit of getting hold of, but basically, according to respected space-time theory, time is not ‘linear’.

What this means for you and I is that as we exist as spiritual beings within a corporeal body, we can cast our minds back quite easily to something that happened when we were 10 and visualise it in great detail.

But we can’t take our body back to age 10!

And you and I can do the same in the opposite direction, it’s ‘harder’, but we can cast our mind ‘forward’ and visualise something in our future in great detail as well.

But for those things to come about you and I have to cast aside our paradigms and beliefs about how time and age ‘work’ and replace them with different constructs.

Now sometimes, well, usually, that requires some help. You and I need support, coaching, and others who believe similarly in what we are and what we are doing.

Associate with others who know and believe these concepts realities and don’t be tricked, cajoled, pressured or persuaded to ‘act your age’.

Be who you are, everything you have been and will be.

(Your body will ‘work’ as long as you need it.)