Waiting for a Sign?

Waiting for a Sign? 150 150 Ben Coker

Waiting for a Sign?

I’ve been prompted by a few incidents this week to be very aware of ‘signs’, ‘signals’, ‘indicators’ and ‘inspirations’ advising me in various ways.

Whether or not to follow a particular path, go in a certain direction, or not, visit a certain place, or not.

The thing is that you and I receive a multitude of all of these indicators all the time – and that doesn’t include ‘sat-nav’!

Which ones should we pay attention to?

And which ones are pointing in the wrong direction.

I suspect sometimes that the Universe plays tricks on us by, as was done during WWII when invasion was expected, moving the signs around to direct people to the wrong places.

Or at least that’s what it feels like!

And if that does happen, it is of course done for a good reason.

Sometimes you and I have to take a particular route from A to B in order to learn something, so we’re directed to C first, rather than to B and take the ‘scenic’ rather than the direct route.

Often, when this happens, it can be very frustrating, but you and I should remember that when the signs and signals, and even the sat-nav, don’t take us by the direct route, then it is the route that we need to take.

But it’s all very well when you see the signs and signals showing you a direction. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately) sometimes we don’t spot them.

Or we’re not ready for them.

Or if we are ready for the signals, we’re not looking in the right places or listening to the right people.

Far too often, you and I just don’t get the message, just don’t see the signs, and go past the turning we should have taken.

And we don’t get a convenient ‘route recalculation’ as we would from a sat-nav.

So sometimes, and often reluctantly, we have to ‘go back’. We have to retrace our steps, do a U turn, and get to the place where we should have taken the right fork in the road rather than the left.

Oh, and by the way, It’s OK for you or I to do a ‘U turn’. We can change our minds, we can realise we’ve made a wrong turn, or a mistake. We can go back and adjust what we’re doing.

Not to create a new beginning, but to generate a different ending than the one our path was leading us to.

You and I know better than to ‘soldier on’ regardless of the effect it will have on the outcome.

Now if, like me, you are on a particular quest to achieve a specific intention there is of course action that we can take towards the outcome.

But sometimes we’re not quite sure, or at least I’m not, what action we should be taking and how we can generate the right circumstances for the Universe to deliver the outcome we’ve requested in our intention.

You see, the Law of Attraction, and the other 10 laws that go with it, isn’t as simple as some people have made out. There’s more to it than just ‘placing an order’.

If we want to achieve an outcome or goal in line with our overall intention or vision, then you and I do have so do something.

It may be some sort of activity, it may be some ‘work’, or it may be just making sure we are in the right place at the right time.

And that’s where the ‘signals’ come in

But what do they look like, how can we recognise them, where are they?

Back to the roads. The Highway Code for the rods defines different types of sign.

There are directional signs that show us the way, there are instructional signals like traffic lights, speed limits and ‘stop’ signs, there are informational signs and there are warning signs.

All these ‘signals’ help us to travel safely to our destination.

But here’s the thing.

We know what all those ‘road’ signs look like, we can recognise them easily, and if we’re driving safely we’re always on the lookout for them.

But we don’t know what the signs and signals in our ‘Life highway code’ look like, we don’t always recognise them, we aren’t always expecting them, we might not be looking for then, we don’t always know what they mean, and we’re not sure what action to take when we do see them!.

Sounds like a recipe for a disaster doesn’t it!

And that’s what happens to you and I far too often.

We don’t see the signs, or we misinterpret or ignore them, we sometimes give them a meaning that we’d like instead of analyzing them properly, and conversely, we’re sometimes looking so hard for the sign we want, that we can’t see the wood for the trees.

Often the signal we’re waiting for is staring us in the face, but we just don’t ‘see’ it

It’s not surprising then that our quests, our visions, our intentions don’t come to pass, don’t become real, or get delayed, diverted, dismantled and sometimes destroyed, because we don’t have our eye on the ball.

Because we lack awareness that there will be signs, we lack alertness to watch out for them, or the ability to interpret them, or we just don’t take the action that they indicate.

On the roads signs stand out, they are prominent. In life they are the same, although they are usually much more subtle.

It’s when something ‘odd’ happens, something unexpected happens, when you and I see something ‘unusual’ or when people exhibit a ‘different’ behaviour – all of a sudden.

More often than not these are the signs, signals and indicators being presented to us – but we have to look out for them and recognise them when they appear and then take action.

Sometimes the action we need to take is clear, sometimes we need to think about it but if we interpret the signal correctly we will know what to do or where to be so that we can move closer to the outcome we seek.

Watch the signs on the path you are taking, they will show you the way.