Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon 150 150 Ben Coker

Once in a Blue Moon

Well, this is it, it’s finally arrived.

The ‘blue moon’. The third in a series of ‘super moons’ that have occurred in the last three months.

Dec 3rd, Jan 1st, and this one coming up today Wednesday 31st Jan, which will also be a super blood blue moon eclipse (the last time we would have experienced this one would have been 150 years ago).

(Unfortunately the full super moon won’t be visible in the UK as it occurs at 12:51pm during the day when the moon is below our horizon – but take a look if the sky is clear on the morning of February 1st at 2 am – you might just see the ‘remains’ of that ‘blue moon’)

My friend Julie Silver writes . . .

“ . . . the vibrational frequency of the planet has been dramatically increasing at a very fast speed with these supermoons

If you are feeling as if you’ve been on the fastest spin cycle in a washing machine, maybe hungover together with jetlag, possibly feeling nauseous/having digestive issues, sore throat/infection/virus, aches & pains, wanting to sleep more than usual, waking constantly or feeling too wired to sleep, having vivid/maybe disturbing dreams, possibly feeling more stressed, irritable, fearful, frustrated, anxious, agitated, overwhelmed, emotional with extreme fatigue & tiredness then this could be a valid reason for it.

However, you could be feeling like you’ve been given a new lease of life and filled with excitement & joy for what is happening to you now or in anticipation what is to come into your life.

Also, the way you perceive everything now could have shifted dramatically and you can’t make sense of things as you used to.

If you are particularly sensitive to this energy then you could have been feeling this extreme and heightened energy even more, especially since the end of last November.

These powerful energies can cause a big shake up in your life, helping you to learn some powerful life lessons allowing you to let go of the old (which will be happening whether you instigate it or not) to make some positive shifts that align with your truest nature.

If you can ride the storm and keep your sanity, then you can probably expect amazing synchroncities with opportunities to allow you to come from the heart and for your creative skills to blossom.”

I know several people, including myself, who, for certain, have moved through this process of turbulence and disruption into what can be described as some level as a new beginning.

And there’s more

Thee are major global political, societal, technical and spiritual changes on the way.

I’m advised that this could, or even ‘will’ start to come about in the next two weeks – so you and I need to be ‘ready’.

What do I mean by that?

Well, most people are scared of change, they fear it, they create negative scenarios and build up their stress levels for no reason other than those of their own invention. This leads inevitably to illness or malfunction of one sort or another.

Other people, like you and I, are more excited by change. They ‘can’t wait’ for the ‘old’ to be replaced by the ‘new’. For some people change can’t come soon enough, regardless of what it is.

By the way the emotions of ‘fear’ and ‘excitement’ are initiated by the same hormones. Being ‘scared’ and being ‘excited’ are the same thing – two sides of the same coin.

That’s why a lot of people get ‘mixed up’ when ‘change’ is going on.

Take Julie’s advice, be prepared and be expectant, and most of all be positive about what might happen, or what might not happen, over the coming weeks and months.

At the same time, you and I need to be crystal clear, crystal clear, on our visions for the different domains of our lives and the goals we are setting to realise those visions.

You and I need to know where we stand and where we are going, when just like in Hogwarts, the staircases move, and when the way ahead appears to be shut, and when new paths open up.

You and I need to re-programme the ‘Satnav of our Soul’ to help us find the way to go because there will be some ‘route recalculations’ on the way!

We don’t need to be concerned about hitting the waypoints we have right now, they will change, but if we have full clarity on where we are going we will get there.

Although not necessarily by any route we may have envisaged.

But there is one thing to remember (and thanks to Jason Jackman for this insight).

Many people are strongly attached to the way they are now; embedded in their circumstances; convinced that what they desire, the live they’d love, can only be achieved in a certain way or with certain people around them.

They will get ‘lost ‘as change occurs around them. They will lose their points of reference, they’ll find themselves using an out of date map. And some of the people around them, upon whom they may be relying for some reason or purpose, will just ‘disappear’.

They will end up in the wilderness wondering “what happened?”

So you and I need to adopt a different strategy.

A strategy of detachment or ‘un-attachment’ from all the things and people around us and that are part of our current ‘plan’.

That’s not to say that we should start abandoning people and things for ever or stop caring for and loving them.

The thing is that you and I need to be able to ‘let go’, as and when necessary, of anything and everything, anyone and everyone, that becomes no longer entirely relevant to our journey.

And letting go will often just mean that we go on ahead and allow them to ‘catch up’ in their own time if they aren’t able or willing to ‘keep up’ with us. They can still be ‘there’ in our lives but not necessarily where they were before.

At the same time, we are ‘making space’ for new people, and new concepts, and new things and may also be allowing people and things already in our lives to take on new roles, new positions.

You and I need to be ready to ‘reorganise’ or ‘reshuffle our cabinet’ of companions, associates and advisors.

Exciting isn’t it.

I’m looking forward, ready.

How about you?