Deep Thought – Beyond the 5th Dimension

Deep Thought – Beyond the 5th Dimension 150 150 Ben Coker

Deep Thought – Beyond the 5th Dimension

‘Deep Thought’ was the giant computer in Douglas Adams’ ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ that was tasked with the question of finding the answer to ‘Life, the Universe, and Everything’

Well, I can tell you, it’s not 42!

It’s beyond the 5th Dimension.

Now everyone ‘knows’ about the first 3 dimensions

‘Length’, ‘Height’ and ‘Depth’. The dimensions which meet when three lines each intersect at a 90 degree angle.

But that gives away the secret doesn’t it?

These three dimensions – the ones taught in school as being the foundation of everything we see and touch, are not real.

They’re just a mathematical construct.

Just a set of ‘rulers’ we use to measure our environment.

We’re familiar with them, we’re comfortable with them – we feel secure because they describe our ‘solidity’.

Although there is no such thing.

And then there’s the fourth dimension.

Usually referred to as ‘time’ but also as ‘space-time’ when the concept of motion is added to it.

And as I’ve referred to in a previous insight most people consider time as another linear measure, but one which has only one direction.

We are taught that you can only go forward in time, we can’t go back, and we can’t stand still.

Wrong again.

Time doesn’t exist, it’s an artificial construct developed by humanity to help us understand what on earth is going on.

These four dimensions, the linear dimensions, help you and I to understand where we are and ‘when’ we are in relation to where we’ve been and where me might be going.

Popularly and also dangerously, it includes the concept of ‘age’, causing us to limit the time we think we should hang around in the form we have now.

Noticeably the concepts of quantity and speed are not seen as dimensions, rather products of the first four.

Significantly, these four dimensions give us no clue as to what we are, who we are and why we are all these things.

“Why are we here”?

That brings us to the fifth dimension.

The first real dimension.

The fifth dimension is the energy dimension – the fifth dimension is about what we are.

Since the end of the last century physicists and mathematicians have come very close to the conclusion that nothing actually exists as a ‘thing’ in its own right.

Not too long ago it was thought that the smallest particle that existed was an atom.

But then this was found to consist of smaller particles – electrons, neutrons and protons.

Digging deeper and deeper into these smaller and smaller particles it has now been concluded that there is nothing ‘solid’ there at all – that everything, everything, is made up of ‘vibrations’ or energy.

There is no ‘matter’ – everything is energy.

And the way that energy vibrates and interacts with itself assembles into what we perceive as particles of solid matter.

And that of course includes us.

All we are, all you and I are, is energy working in a particular way

But as I’ve discussed before, energy also exists and pervades the Universe in non-particulate form as well.

We are within the fifth dimension – the energy dimension – which should perhaps be called the first dimension because without it, there would be no need for the current first four!

But if the fifth dimension is the dimension of energy, the dimension of life, how do we account for the ‘who’ and the ‘why’?

Currently there is a lot of scientific and mathematical research, and speculation, considering the concept of ‘space’.

Science fiction writers as usual have been way ahead on this, creating concepts like ‘warp drive’ and ‘stargates’.

If everything is energy – ‘doing its own thing’ in particulate or non-particulate form, what about the ‘space’ in between?

It has been estimated – on particle-based thinking, that 99.99% (or more) of the universe consists of just ‘space’ – and that includes all the space between all the particles in the atoms that go to make up our bodies.

Or is there really ‘space’ in between – or is all the energy ‘joined up in some way?

If we take the premise that energy exists in space, then ‘space’ becomes the 6th Dimension. But space isn’t part of ‘where?’ because space is nothing, it’s nowhere.

Space is the nothing between the streams and particles of energy that ‘inhabit’ it.

But there is something odd about space. You and I have to ‘create space’ when we take on something new, whether that’s an idea, a piece of furniture in our home, or a new person in our life.

It’s as if all that empty space is ‘reserved’ for something, as if it has to ‘be there’ in order for everything (which of course is all energy) to exist.

But I haven’t answered ‘who?’ or ‘why?’

Which brings me to my concept of the 7th Dimension.

What causes energy to behave the way it does?

To form into particles, objects, living creatures; to hold the universe together in the space within which it finds itself?

The 7th dimension, the dimension that manages and manipulates all this, the dimension that causes ‘things’ to come into being, and that answers both the ‘who?’ and the ‘why?’ questions?

The 7th Dimension is thought.

“Everything is created twice” says Mary Morrissey echoing the writing of Wallace Wattles. When we think up something that we want to create, a meal for example, we take energy in different forms (remembering that everything is energy) and turn it into something else.

Energy cannot do that by itself – it doesn’t spontaneously reorganize itself. It needs direction, it needs an ‘intention’ to be set before it can generate a change.

What this means is that as energy beings – which we are – we don’t always have to do the ‘doing’ – but we have to do the thinking.

You and I have to set an intention.

If that intention is strong enough, and clear enough and, importantly, consistent with the law that energy can neither be created or destroyed, only ‘reorganised’, and mindful that the energy we want to ‘re-arrange’ into something new has to come from somewhere – then that intention will be realised.

We will likely have to do some things to help it on its way, but once an intention is set then it will be realised – provided – that we continue to be open to the 7th dimension and act on any further thoughts that we have about the intention.

This is entirely consistent with the idea that everything was created by a supreme being – once one realises that ‘supreme being’ is pure thought (the 7th dimension) working in the first instance with pure energy (the 5th dimension) in an empty ‘space’ (the 6th dimension).

Think on.

Set your intentions.

Act on the thoughts that come to you in order to achieve them.